Japan Centre Ingredients

japan-centre-okonomiyakiJapanese food has become popular in the UK over these last few years. We can find sushi on every high street and ramen shops are everywhere. We want to learn more about Japanese food and we want to cook it at home. Japan Centre has an online grocery store to supply all one’s needs along with some inspiration and recipes.

Sushi is quite costly but it’s simple to make at home. Buy the best fresh fish you can afford and find the rice and nori seaweed at Japan Centre. For variety, Hawaii has a sushi made with spam, and one can always replace meat and fish with thin-cut cucumber, grilled aubergine or peppers. There are plenty of opportunities for innovation when one is making sushi at home.

Perfect gifts

When the weather is cold a bowl of ramen hits the spot. Japan Centre has a starter kit to produce 2 heaping bowls of ramen soup. The perfect gift for any lover of this steaming broth.  For those of us who don’t want to cook at all Japan Centre has ready-to-eat treats from their bakery – I am addicted to their curry bread. There are plenty of sweet options too: there are matcha tea cakes and ready-to-bake cookie dough.

Japan Centre has enticing food but also beautiful ceramics to give one’s dishes the perfect setting. There are bento boxes and all the items for presenting a fabulous bento lunch. The website is full of temptations.

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