itsu – meatless but nothing missing

Hot itsu food delivered!

itsu potsitsu is a polished chain of Asian fusion takeaway/restaurants offering some rather delicious foods. Yes, dear reader, I did say ‘chain’ but consider this – the reason a business becomes a successful chain is that it’s popular and to become popular it must have appeal. itsu does. The company has all the polish that one would expect of a Japanese-inspired food purveyor.

I have eaten itsu dishes in itsu restaurants. Now I have enjoyed a hot itsu lunch delivered to our very own front door. In these strange times that’s a real treat. Sturdy pots safely carried a brace of steaming dishes, and wooden forks partnered the wooden chopsticks for the less dextrous.

I am not a vegetarian, but I am happy to choose itsu meals just because they are delicious, well-flavoured and fresh tasting. The portions are generous and packed to suit those who want to munch directly from the pot – or one can plate onto one’s best china, but why would you when nobody is looking?

Comforting pot of Asian-style meatless meatballs

itsu meatballs

New to itsu are the meatless meatballs in a rice bowl. Asian-style Meatless Farm® meatballs, wholegrain brown rice, seasonal greens and teriyaki sauce combine to present a tasty and substantial pot. Veggie Meatballs and Coconut Soup is a comforting confection of Asian-style Meatless Farm® meatballs, wholegrain brown rice, seasonal greens, pumpkin seeds and Thai spiced coconut soup. Those chunky balls have convincing texture and are thoughtfully seasoned. Buy both of these pots along with some almost-chicken Gyoza and one has a full and substantial meal for two.

I love cooking but I also love somebody else doing that for me. I love tasting complex and well-flavoured dishes. I love somebody else doing the washing up. itsu ticks all my culinary boxes. I have tried so much of their menu and nothing disappoints. Look out for some itsu products in freezer cabinets at your favourite supermarket, too! I am a meat lover, but I will be ordering these meat-free pots just for the pleasure of enjoying an economic and delicious meal from a kitchen other than my own!

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