Indian Vegan & Vegetarian

200 traditional plant-based recipes

Indian vegan and vegetarianIndia has had a long tradition of vegan and vegetarian cooking and its dishes are as diverse as its regions and its people. Indian Vegan & Vegetarian: 200 traditional plant-based recipes reflects that tasty tapestry.

This is a hefty gift-quality volume which will gladden the epicurean heart of any Indian food lover – even meat eaters. The introduction is comprehensive and gives a supportive overview of ingredients which will be particularly helpful to a novice Indian food home chef. The recipes are listed by six regions and showcase the best of produce from those areas.

Indian dishes have become staples of restaurant dining in the UK, but there is nothing better than home cooking. The list of spices might seem daunting but remember that your battery of exotic powders and seeds will serve you well. If you collect an array of half a dozen or so spices, then you will be able to tackle most of this book. They are not expensive and almost all will be available in your local supermarket. For those living in a lighthouse on a craggy outcrop then there is always the online alternative.

To suit every taste and culinary skill level

Indian Vegan & Vegetarian isn’t just about ‘curry’ or those comforting Indian ‘gravy dishes’ with which we are so familiar. It offers warming broths, addictive battered goods, vibrant condiments, sweet temptations, aromatic rice platters, inspiration for preparing common and inexpensive local vegetables, comforting breads and dumplings. There are dishes here to suit every taste and culinary skill level. There is so much that is new and tempting.

I have several favourite recipes from this book although I would be happy to graze on all of them. Lemon-laced Rice works particularly well with fish. Tamarind Vegetables in Coconut Sauce is tangy and flavourful. Lentil Fritters in Spiced Tomato Sauce are hearty, delicious and so addictive.  Vegetable Korma is rich and satisfying and perfect for a meat-free dinner party.

Indian Vegan & Vegetarian: 200 traditional plant-based recipes is another stunning book from the Lorenz Books catalogue. Christmas will soon be with us. Just saying.

Indian Vegan & Vegetarian: 200 traditional plant-based recipes
Published by: ‎Lorenz Books
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0754835134