Hidden Covent Garden Pizza

Doughnation Thin Crust.

A new pizza destination called Doughnation has just arrived at 3 Henrietta Street in bustling Covent Garden. It occupies the ground floor of this historic townhouse where Gentlemen Baristas could once be found, and there is terrace on the piazza, too.

3 Henrietta Street is a five-storey building in the heart of Covent Garden. It was built in 1780 and housed bakers, lace-makers, stockbrokers and the nobility over the centuries. It’s the ideal spot for visitors to relax and enjoy some food and a glass of something reviving. The restaurant is at the back of the building – it’s casual and contemporary, and light and airy from the ample skylights. Yes, there is seating on the piazza but inside at Doughnation is less frenetic and a quieter pit stop.

Doughnation PizzaDoughnation isn’t just a play on words. This company donates a portion of the cost of every pizza sold to support worthy causes such as structured training and development academies, women farm co-operatives and opportunity centres in Africa.

We ordered Baked Sweetcorn “Ribs” as pre-pizza nibbles and they are a perfect small plate, delicious and fun to eat. The sections of sweetcorn are basted with basil pesto, chilli and bocconcini cheese. Don’t miss these.

No soggy bottoms here

Pepperoni Pizza was my guest’s choice. This was a traditional thin-crust pizza with a bubbling topping of Doughnation in-house artisan sauce, sliced pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The pizzas here are served on pizza pans and they are substantial and perfectly baked. No soggy bottoms here.

My Potato Pizza offered sliced potatoes and fontina cheese, and was garnished with thyme salt. This might not sound exciting, but it truly is a simple triumph. It’s pizza comfort in every well-seasoned bite. There are a couple of Crust Dippers on the menu (crushed cherry tomatoes, diced shallots and torn basil leaves or basil pesto with confit garlic and grated pecorino romano) to add other flavour profiles, although I think this Potato Pizza doesn’t need any flavour assistance. Kids would love this pizza, too, so try a slice when you visit Doughnation.

Learn more about Doughnation here