Gousto West African Stew

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West African-style Chicken Maffe with Brown Rice is quite a mouthful, but a delicious one.  It’s another vibrant recipe from Gousto.

Who are Gousto and why be interested in them? They are a company delivering food boxes and they are one of the best-value suppliers around. They have a host of recipes that are just as interesting as this one, and a box of all the fixin’s can be delivered any day of the week, so convenient too!

My Gousto box of West African-style Chicken Maffe with Brown Rice arrived and it contained everything one would need to sustain 4 hungry eaters, although it could have fed more with a little extra rice and a side dish (recipes for 2 are available as well). Gousto deliver generous portions of all their meal ingredients. I only had to add salt, a little veg oil and some water, and everybody has those to hand.

gousto chicken maffe

This chicken dish was well spiced and with the texture of a slow-cooked casserole, although it only took half an hour or so. This is exotic winter comfort food, made in the time it takes to wait for a pizza delivery – much healthier and a lot more satisfying. Every ingredient is weighed and measured so there is no fussing with scales. The coriander and spices were packaged individually, as were all the other components of this aromatic dinner. The chicken was British and well chilled, and even the peanut butter came in little perfectly measured tubs.

Gousto supplies not only these fresh foods but also all the nutritional information one would want and all the allergen information one might need, so it’s not necessary to read every pack when it arrives. All of that can be found on the website and attached to each recipe.

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