Gosh! – Veggies with Imagination – product review

No, dear reader, I am not a vegetarian, I am just a lover of delicious meals and that doesn’t always have to include meat – but it must have plenty of flavour. Gosh! products do. The ingredients and seasonings are well-chosen and present imaginative combinations.

Gosh! is a company that specialises in vegetarian foods. They range from veggie burgers to meatball-like veggie bites, and some vegetarian sausages, too. They are well-flavoured and textured, and they are all vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. In fact, the only thing not included is the meat!

A summer evening soiree

Moroccan Spiced Bakes with Red Pepper and Apricot were a worthy burger substitute, with a good balance of spice. A meat-eater wouldn’t feel short-changed if presented with one of these at a summer evening soiree. Nothing more needed apart from some good bread and appropriate condiments.  One portion contains one of your five a day. Available in 250g and 500g packs.

Mediterranean Falafel were flavoured with a traditional spicing of coriander and cumin, with a freshness from parsley. I would serve these with a chunky tomato sauce with a hint of chilli, and over couscous. Kids would love these meatball substitutes – perfect for little mouths. Available in 200g, 300g or 700g packs.

Spinach and Pine Nut Bites and Moroccan Spiced Falafel are both ideal for vegetarian summer lunches with a simple salad.

I am not usually a fan of pre-prepared foods but I also live in the real world. Time is often short, so I have no qualms about resorting to food that I can buy, when it’s unlikely I could make as good myself in the time available.  Gosh! has done a good job.

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