Gorgeous Desserts by Annie Bell – review

Gorgeous Desserts Gorgeous Desserts is another winner from the Kyle Cathie stable! Annie Bell is without a doubt one of my favourite food writers and the photography of Chris Alack is superb. I knew I would love this one before I even turned a page.

Annie has a style of writing that is both humorous and engaging “…What appears to be an impossibly thin liquid at the start shapes up nicely into a luscious caramel that coats the sponge by the time the oven’s done its stuff.” The sort of writing that gives you confidence and comfort.

There are so many recipes that are updated versions of old favourite puds. It’s not often that I think that tinkering with tradition is a good idea but Annie’s recipes add so much to the original. The regular trifle will always be a great festive option but how lovely to have several versions. Modern Sherry Trifle has a mousse of mascarpone instead of custard. Cranachan Trifle draws on both Scottish and English culinary traditions and tempts me to go out and buy a trifle bowl. Italian Trifle is simple if you use shop-bought cake and makes a lovely presentation in individual glasses……but you get more in a trifle bowl!

Don’t, dear reader, ask me to pick a favourite recipe from this book. I probably have about 30….or 40! There are lots that I should mention as outstanding. Each page presents an “Ooooohhh – Aaaahhh” opportunity but Cherry Cheesecake Cake (no, that’s not a stutter, that IS the name of the pud) would be a delicious. There is a Chocolate Fondant Pudding that I would give somebody’s right arm for, and Apple Butterscotch Pie is going to be a regular chez nous.

This is one of those “must see” books. Its large format is clear and impressive. If you are looking for a dessert cookbook as a gift then my advice is to buy two of these – you will definitely want to keep one for yourself.

Gorgeous Desserts
Author: Annie Bell
Published by: Kyle Cathie
Price: £ 14.99
ISBN 978-1-85626-742-7


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018


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