Glen Moray – classic single malt

Glen Moray120 years of Glen Moray whisky

Glen Moray in the heart of Speyside has been around for 120 years. It all began in 1897, when the Elgin West Brewery, which had made local ales since 1830 was transformed into the whisky distillery we see today.  The company continued to upgrade its facilities and in the 1980s distillery production increased to seven days a week, to enable two million litres of spirit a year to be finished.

Agreeable sweetness

Glen Moray classic single malt is a solid all-rounder. It is light in texture making it the perfect choice for neat sipping and also as a base for some well-crafted cocktails. It is smooth with an agreeable sweetness. It is matured in American oak casks to add a layer of depth – an entry level whisky and a delicious introduction to whisky appreciation. Great value for money.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: clear and pale amber

Palate: honey, vanilla, citrus with a suspicion of peat

Nose: a hint of smoke, citrus

Finish: medium, brown sugar, lemon zest

40% abv


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