Geomag Construction

Geomag – the irresistible pull


It’s true, dear reader, I have consistently insisted that I should be the lone writer for Mostly Food & Travel Journal. But sometimes one must bow to a higher authority and pass the pen to a specialist, a consultant, the proper man for the job. In this case an engineer who wants to talk toys! The following is a review of Geomag written by my husband, a learned guest writer.

This is one gift you’re going to have to wrestle from the kids – but it will be worth the tears! Billed as ‘The original magnetic construction toy’, Geomag is actually a range of the most attractive (get it?) executive-desk must-haves since Newton’s cradle.

A variety of kits

Who doesn’t enjoy playing with magnets? Geomag kits contain some of the most powerful magnets embedded in colourful bars that will attach themselves to each other and to the steel balls that form the joints and corners between the frames. You can choose from a variety of kits focusing on geometric panel shapes – triangle, square and pentagon – in bright colours or glitter or black-and-white. Then you can bring in mechanical parts to enhance the tactile pleasure by adding movement – revolving parts and gravity-driven motors.

The educational value of Geomag shouldn’t be underestimated – children will quickly grasp the fundamentals of geometry, stability of shapes, magnetism, and gravity. Maths and physics get a head start, and who knows where that may lead …

But of course no adult will be able to resist picking up a couple of rods and surreptitiously experimenting with opposite poles and like poles; then the strength of attraction to the metal spheres; then how easy it is to form shapes; and before you know it you are creating! Your interpretation of the London Eye will sit proudly beside your in-tray, tempting all who pass to pick it up and tweak it into a miniature Olympic Park Orbit Tower.

So if someone should happen to buy your child a Geomag set, claim it as your own before they get too attached to it. But beware, half an hour with this and you won’t be able to let go!

Made in Switzerland by Geomagworld S.A.

(Not suitable for children under 3 years.)


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