Fruits For Drinks

Fruits For Drinks is the drink solution that increases profitability and reduces waste.

Fruits For Drinks packs

It has perfected the process of freeze-drying citrus fruits and berries to maintain colour, texture and improve flavour and customer satisfaction. With nothing added it is natural and safe. 

All drinks can now be served in a more cost-effective, sustainable and satisfying way – thanks to this revolutionary drinks garnish solution.

An immediate and obvious benefit for the Aviation channel is the weight of Fruits For Drinks.  

Fruits For Drinks weighs a staggering 85% less than fresh fruit. Additionally, by reducing the touchpoints for each drink garnish you’ll see cost-saving benefits. 

Minimising the carbon footprint and streamlining the touch points for fruit served in each and every glass. 

lemonsTherefore improving sustainability, cost and managing waste better.

From a customer service perspective the improvements are instantly noticeable too. Drinks serve quicker, staff are more efficient and the taste is sensational!

Fruits For Drinks provides a premium solution to in-flight beverages.

Fruits For Drinks makes every beverage experience full of flavour. It provides a solution which delivers low-waste, cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency and  high quality consistent results, each and every time.

David Ross, Director of Fruits For Drinks says of the partnership: “To create a product which delivers excellent flavour for drinkers with any drink and in turn can provide a great solution for the staff in these arenas, while providing an upturn in margin by reducing dozens of touch points and reduction in carbon footprint and waste is immensely satisfying. Our ethos and working practice is about being the leaders in sustainability, waste and carbon footprint reduction and ease of service. Fruits For Drinks is the ideal partner for airlines who want all this”.


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