Franklin & Sons Competition

Win £2,500 of prizes for National Vodka Day: closes Tuesday 11th October.

Premium mixer creators Franklin & Sons are partnering with Holy Grass Vodka and Angostura, to give away 100 limited edition cocktail kits, and a five-star stay/Michelin-star dining experience in central London. The competition ends Tuesday 11th October.

Franklin vodka

The giveaway comes as new data reveals the UK’s love of vodka – vodka sales have increased by 405% in UK venues year-on-year, with popular drinks such as the Passionfruit Martini, Espresso Martini, and hard seltzers all using a vodka base.

Simply go to the Franklin & Sons website, sign up with your address, and you can win one of 100 vodka cocktail boxes, worth more than £10 each, delivered to your door.

The free cocktail, dubbed ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Seltzer’, is a tasty spin on the hard seltzer, a highly popular vodka-based drink. The ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Seltzer’ cocktail is a light, rounded drink with citrus guava and lime notes, featuring the faint sweetness and smoothness of Holy Grass Vodka, and depth from the tropical orange and spices of the bitters.

The competition is for over 18s only; see full terms and conditions at

Tom Singleton, Brand Director at Franklin & Sons: “Vodka is at the core of many popular cocktails across the UK, from classics such as the Vodka Martini and Cosmopolitan, through to modern favourites like the Passion Fruit Martini. The spirit is famed for its clean base, making it easy to elevate in cocktails with creative sodas, tonics, and ingredients.

“This National Vodka Day, we’ve partnered with Holy Grass Vodka and Angostura, and are thrilled to share our take on the trending hard seltzer with fans of vodka across the UK.

“To create the serve, add 50ml of Holy Grass Vodka and a dash of Angostura bitters to an ice filled glass. Stir, and top up with Franklin & Sons Guava & Lime Soda. For the perfect serve, garnish with a wedge of lime.

“If you don’t win, you can still try something new this National Vodka Day. The beauty of vodka is that it’s a flexible spirit that you can easily get creative with. If you’re a fan of the classic vodka and mixer, try a more flavourful soda, swap in a smoother vodka, or add a dash of bitters to elevate your serve.”

The cocktail kit includes:

–        A 50ml dram of Holy Grass Vodka

–        An Angostura Orange Bitters miniature

–        Franklin & Sons Guava & Lime Soda

–        A dried lime wedge