Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea

time for teaFortnum & Mason is an institution in one of the best neighbourhoods of London. It is a food emporium which, in my opinion, compares favourably with other such establishments. It has been around for almost as long as we have been drinking tea in Europe.

This delightful book is written by award-winning food writer Tom Parker Bowles. Time for Tea is a light and informative volume laced with tempting photography and amusing cartoons. Afternoon tea is, after all, an event to be enjoyed with a smile and perhaps a flowery dress.

Pairing suggestions

In Time for Tea we discover the history behind Britain’s most iconic drink. We learn how to make the perfect cuppa and are introduced to a wide selection of fine teas to suit every occasion, time of day, and taste. Tea is refreshing and healthy and can be paired with an array of foods. Tom offers us both food recipes and tea pairing suggestions. There are even recipes using tea as an ingredient! Jasmine Hot-Smoked Salmon with New Potatoes is a main-course dish, and takes advantage of jasmine tea to offer a light and slightly floral note to the flaky and flavourful fish.

Time for Tea is about not only teatime foods but any light foods working well with tea. Lemon Tart is a classic and is a perfect partner for a palate-cleansing beverage. Russian Caravan is the suggestion here. Matcha Layer Cake is obviously ideally served alongside a cup of green matcha.

Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea reminds us that tea works not only for teatime but also for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. It’s true, there is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee or even a cocktail or some wine, but tea is so versatile and when well chosen can actually enhance foods.


Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea
Author: Tom Parker Bowles
Published by: Fourth Estate
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: 978-0008387105