Fathers Day with TOVARITCH!

Reward your father with the world’s most awarded vodka.

Celebrate Father’s Day with the world’s most highly awarded vodka – TOVARITCH! Vodka. If your father enjoys a fine drink, you can’t go wrong with this all-European spirit. Better still, the word ‘tovaritch’ means ‘friend’, providing neat underlying messages to your gift: friendship and ‘you deserve the best’.

Despite its Russian name heritage, rest assured, with this lovely liquid you’re drinking a spirit that is 100% European.  TOVARITCH! Vodka is made from traceable European wheat, is distilled five times, and filtered 10 times, before being bottled in Latvia, part of the EU.

Tovaritch Vesper

Historic recipe

It is a recreation of a recently rediscovered 200-year-old family recipe, launched by Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani, who is the founder and CEO of this brand. For those dads who might like to know the history, Count Jule Rene Litta the Order of Malta’s ambassador to Empress Catherine II (1762-1796) was allowed to develop a superior vodka with the master distillers of the imperial court. Using his ancestor’s historic recipe, Eugenio Litta Modignani and his team are offering a vodka so smooth that you can even drink it neat.

It’s also perfect for classic and contemporary cocktails so if you’re treating your father to a brunch that calls for the perfect Bloody Mary, this is what you need in your own drinks collection.

You can find TOVARITCH! Premium Vodka (ABV 37.5%) at good drinks retailers including Amathus Drinks.  It looks – and tastes – extremely classy which is how it has attained 145 independent awards. Yet this brand costs only RRP £23-25. Look out for the elegant bottle with a blue label proudly declaring that it is made in Latvia and that it is ‘The World’s Most Awarded’.

Doesn’t your father deserve some of this award-winning spirit?