East End Eats

A culinary travelogue.

east end eatsIf you are looking for a book about the contemporary food and drink scene in the trendy eastern part of London, then East End Eats is the book for you!

East End Eats is more than just a cookbook, it’s a culinary travelogue and perfect for those who love original food and drink, as well as those looking for a very practical souvenir of their time visiting this historic yet ever-changing corner of the capital. Displaying an array of recipes from the coolest and most popular restaurants in the area, this book offers a unique insight into the diverse and imaginative cooking of East London.

Rich cultural heritage

Authored by the marketing and hospitality expert Stephan Bucher, East End Eats presents a compilation of recipes that reflect the rich cultural heritage and burgeoning food landscape of East London. This is now an area which is prized for its ethnic diversity and the delicious food that goes along with that tapestry.

The recipes featured in this book include dishes from top restaurants such as Angelina and Galvin La Chapelle. There are cocktails here as well and from trending bars such as Map Maison and Looking Glass. My favourite dishes include gluten-free Corn Fritters, Duck Pie and Mutt’s Nuts (no animals were injured in the production of this cocktail).

East End Eats
Author: Stephan Bucher
Published by: ‎Clink Street Publishing
Price: £18.99
ISBN-13: ‎978-1912850167