EasiYo Yogurt Making

Easiyo breakfastWe all know about healthy eating. Yes, we have heard the message, but do we do it? Well, that’s another matter. Yogurt is an accessible and delicious addition to our daily diet, and we can make it at home with an EasiYo  yogurt-making kit so there is never the excuse that we forgot to buy it. It can make itself while you sleep, so it’s not exactly like working down a coal mine to produce a batch.

I have seen these EasiYo thermal flasks a time or two. I had expected that there would be a plug and a need for electricity, but it’s much simpler and indeed cheaper than some other yogurt makers. All one needs is a kettle of boiling water, so this makes it the perfect item to bring along on family trips away. Fresh yogurt with a few toppings constitutes a light and tasty breakfast for the whole hungry troupe.

Kids would be fascinated by the EasiYo process. You might not want them to handle the boiling water, but they can take part in the shaking and eating. It’s 3 quick steps and a little nocturnal wait, and your delicious yogurt is served.

Step 1 – Half-fill your yogurt jar with room-temperature drinking water. Add the contents of an EasiYo sachet and give it a good shake. Fill with more water to about 5mm from the top and shake again.

Step 2 – Push the plastic insert spacer down inside the yogurt maker as far as it will go (check the correct side is facing up). Fill with boiling water up to the top of the plastic insert spacer.

Step 3 – Place your yogurt-filled jar into the yogurt maker so that it sits on top of the spacer. The water will rise part-way up the sides of the jar. Close the yogurt maker lid and leave for 8-12 hours (or overnight) to let the yoghurt set. Once set, refrigerate and enjoy!

EasiYo Greek yogurt is particularly impressive as it actually sets to a satisfyingly rich and thick texture. The peach flavour is my favourite and would work as a dessert with some fresh fruit slices and a few raspberries for colour. I might try freezing a batch for a summer treat but will wait till the snow has gone!

EasiYo is a practical addition to the kitchen battery of any yogurt-loving family.  It’s simple and easy to maintain. Lots of flavours from which to choose, so yoghurt won’t become boring.

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