Domaine de la Jasse ‘Coeur de Cuvée’ Rosé 2021

Summer Freshness in Blushing Wine.

This well-balanced melange of Syrah, Caladoc, Grenache and Nielluccio grapes produces a rosé wine perfect for casual summer sipping. Nielluccio grapes have been traditionally grown in Corsica and here they add structure and fruit. Caladoc is a cross between Malbec with Grenache and adds colour and body.

Domaine de la Jasse is found in the heart of the Pays d’Oc, and has been around since the 60s as a farm; but it was not until the 90s that they expanded their horizons in the direction of wine. Domaine de la Jasse ‘Coeur de Cuvée’ Rosé 2021 is ideal for those long-awaited al fresco meals. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a variety of light dishes such as salads, fish in light sauces and even pizza. Served chilled, it’s crisp and refreshing. Best enjoyed within 18 months.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: clear, light salmon colour
Nose: strawberry and stone fruit
Palate: summer fruits with a hint of herb and minerals; balanced acidity
Finish: medium and clean

Alcohol percentage: 13%

Pays d’Oc gives the lie to the assumption that French wine is overpriced. Wines from this region have only recently gained the respect that they deserve. They are increasingly celebrated for their much-improved quality and their great price point. Domaine de la Jasse ‘Coeur de Cuvée’ Rosé 2021 is well worth seeking out.