Cru by Smith and Sheth Sauvignon Blanc

A well-priced winner from Tesco.

Wairau Valley is part of the Marlborough wine-growing region of New Zealand. It is found on the South Island.  Wairau Valley has theCru by Smith and Sheth Sauvignon Blanc protection of both the Spenser and Richmond mountains and the Wither Hills, making the conditions perfect for the production of Sauvignon Blanc and other wines, which started here in second part of the 19th century. Smith & Sheth source from mature, low cropping Sauvignon Blanc vineyards on these gravelly soils, along with vines in the cooler clay soils of the southern valley hillsides.

Smith & Sheth is a contemporary négociant = that term meaning a wine merchant or wholesaler who buys grapes, grape juice, or partially fermented or finished wine from other producers and sells the resulting wine under his or her own name. They were inspired by the original French négociants and British merchants who worked, using their connections, to create polished wines. Steve Smith MW has a well-deserved reputation in the wine industry and Brian Sheth is an investor with an evident passion for New Zealand and fine wines.


This is a well-crafted classic wine, balanced, crisp and dry with a good amount of acidity. It offers pronounced citrus and minerality along with a hint of softening sweetness of tropical fruit. Its freshness makes this the perfect pairing for seafood and a cheeseboard. It offers all the expected expressions of a good Sauvignon Blanc. It’s perfect consumed right away but will stand being put down for a few months. Serve chilled sitting in the garden.


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