Crazy Pizza

… in Classy Knightsbridge

It’s a not-so-crazy pizza experience at Crazy Pizza. It’s rather more a polished and smart affair with fun touches. It’s as swep-up as one can imagine but perfectly accessible for pie-lovers of all ages.

Crazy Pizza is found right next to Harrods. Just exit the Underground and follow the pedestrian street. It’s a prime location and the restaurant will appeal to those frequenting that famous store and others around this iconic neighbourhood.

One steps beyond the restaurant door and one is transported to somewhere far from the expected pizza parlour and fast-food joint. Crazy Pizza does indeed showcase pizza but the very best pizza, and served on china plates with actual silverware. The ambiance is friendly and relaxed with families rubbing socially-distant shoulders with the well-heeled shoppers, locals enjoying food alongside tourists. The walls are decorated with the rich and famous enjoying a nice slice of Crazy Pizza.

crazy pizzaBut what to eat at Crazy Pizza? Well, pizza, obviously, but there is so much more. Burrata is big here and it is fine and creamy. It’s served with Datterino tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil. Those toms are special, being small, sweet and shaped like dates after which they are named. Enjoy these with the Focaccia Bread which is light and crisp and somewhat addictive. The top-secret recipe of yeast-free dough results in an incredibly thin crust.

There are salads here and a flavourful plate is that of asparagus, beetroot, goat’s cheese, basil and lemon dressing. It’s light and a great base on which to enjoy the main event of pizza to follow.

Italian ingredients

Bufalina Pizza seems simple, but its combination of ultra-thin base and the rich and spicy topping is a winner. Tomato sauce is joined by Taggiasca olives from the Italian region of Liguria, dry chilli, basil pesto, and oregano. It’s colourful and full of flavour. Its red-hued tapestry is punctuated by burrata pearls.

Crazy Cake must surely be a signature dessert here.  It is a combination of decadence and theatre and not to be missed. Mascarpone (a lot of it) is dotted with slices of sweet Italian pastry and the finale is an impressive drizzling of Nutella. Save room for this one – and perhaps consider a coffee as a pairing. This is memorable.

But Crazy Pizza has a selection of innovative cocktails to tempt mixology aficionados as well as Instagramists. Ramble Highball is Scotch, pineapple cordial, lemon bitters, Martini and pineapple and almond soda. Edison’s Cup is Bacardi, lemongrass syrup, cucumber, pineapple juice, Midori and yoghurt. This is a delicate cocktail and a perfect aperitif.

I confess that I am often, in fact almost always, underwhelmed by the prospect of pizza. It’s never, till now, seemed like the dish for which one would leave home. Crazy Pizza has elevated this meal and my expectations, and I suspect that not many other restaurants could measure up to this tasteful offering.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00-2:30pm Lunch, 5:00pm – 11:00pm Dinner.

Visit Crazy Pizza here