Cook Colour

A Rainbow of 100 Recipes.

cook colourCook Colour celebrates foods of every hue. It taps into that old but true adage of ‘one eats with one’s eyes.’ Colour is, after all, the first thing we notice about any dish. When we plan a dinner, we look for elements which will complement each other. We avoid platescapes which are uninspiring.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are showcased in this vibrant collection of 100 all-natural, single-colour recipes, making it easier to then make unique pairings of foods which are both delicious and beautiful.

Cook Colour reveals a whole new way of thinking about food. Author Maria Zizka introduces readers to ideas from colour theory and cooking sciences, explaining how to master food styling and cooking techniques to enhance and preserve colour, without any artificial additives. But cooking by colour isn’t just about looks; it is an approach that draws connections between aesthetics, seasonality, and flavour.

Highlight fresh and herbal flavours

Arranged in a gradient, the recipes begin with creamy shades of white – from a coconut cod and rice bowl to a garlicky bean and cauliflower salad. Yellows evoke the bright flavours in Margarita Bars, reds bring forward fiery tastes in dishes like Mapo Ragù with Rice Cakes, and greens highlight fresh and herbal flavours with dishes like Matcha and Mint Ice Cream Sundae or Zhoug-Marinated Feta and Fava Toasts. Blues, purples, and blacks present revelations: a butterfly pea flower boa stuffed with blue oyster mushroom, a classic Italian grape focaccia turned on its head with the addition of purple ube, and elegant black tahini cookies.

To tie it all together, Maria presents a special section of Colour Menus, where she teaches readers how to use food to create palettes that evoke a sense of season, theme, or even place: a Valentine’s menu decorated with red and pink indulgences, a spring menu featuring all fresh flavours and pastel tones, a seafood-focused menu of blue and coral hues to conjure a tropical ocean vibe. Cook Colour is a celebration of eating beautifully and creatively, at any moment and for any occasion.

Cook Colour: A Rainbow of 100 Recipes
Author: Maria Zizka
Published by:‎ Artisan
Price: £30.00
ISBN-13: 978-1648293245