Cawston Dry Sparkling Water with a twist

cawston gingerWhen we are little kids we crave fizzy drinks. We delight in sticky sweetness and flavours that were never found in the natural world. We grow older and our tastes change. We have more regard for our bodies and the environment. Cawston Dry Sparkling Water is an attractive adult on the soft drinks shelf.

Pleasingly effervescent thirst-quenchers

Cawston Dry Sparkling Water comes in two flavours and both are offered in slim cans with great aesthetic appeal. Those cans are recyclable and in pastel colours just like the drinks within. These pleasingly effervescent thirst-quenchers are designed for the discerning palate which appreciates delicate fruit flavour and an equally light calorie count. They are made with real pressed fruit juices.

Cawston Dry Sparkling Water with a twist of Ginger and Lemon is sharp and refreshing. This would be perfect served over ice with a slice of lemon and a mint leaf. That hint of ginger is warming and gives balance to the clean citrus.

cawston raspberryMade with British sparkling water, it contains pressed juices: apple 4%, lemon 3%; ginger extracts, lemon extract, capsicum extract, antioxidant: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It only has 10 calories per can.

Cawston Dry Sparkling Water with a twist of Raspberry contains sparkling spring water, pressed juices: apple 8%, raspberry 2%; raspberry extract, antioxidant: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and once again only has 10 calories per can. Present this in a tall glass with a little raspberry purée in the bottom, crushed ice and some fresh raspberries for a cooling and sophisticated non-alcoholic al fresco aperitif.

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