Cardi Bay Vodka

Eccentric Spirit Co Welsh Inspiration.

Cardi Bay VodkaEccentric Spirits has a range of Welsh gin and spirits with individuality in taste and shelf appeal. The collection celebrates the uniqueness of Wales, from thriving cities to the grandeur of its unspoilt coastline. Known for its gins, the Eccentric Spirit Co. has a new offering. It is called Cardi Bay Vodka and it’s just as characterful as all the other spirits. It has the company dog tag which will likely become this year’s Christmas Party tree decoration!

Inspired by the bright yellow gorse

Eccentric Spirits moved production from the Eccentric Gin Co in Caerphilly to In the Welsh Wind Distillery in March 2020. Cardi Bay Vodka is a worthy addition to the stable. It has been inspired by the bright yellow gorse which flourishes along the coast. The label mimics the colour, but the vodka gives a nod to the coconut perfume of the gorse bushes when they are in bloom. It’s novel and it works!

Cardi Bay Vodka has a smooth mouthfeel and outstanding flavour of, first, coconut and then sweet vanilla, followed by a hint of citrus and cut grass. It has a lingering fresh finish. Cardi Bay Vodka makes a Vodka Martini of distinction – but have a light hand with the vermouth if using. No need to swamp that delicate coconut. This spirit is balanced enough to be sipped neat over ice.


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