Borough Broth

Like Homemade.

We are more mindful than ever of buying nutritious food. Borough Broth takes us back to the past when people really did make their own stock. Borough BrothIt was delicious, healthy …and time consuming! Borough Broth offers a range of classic and innovative stocks which are ready to use from your fridge or freezer.

Borough Broth Company was created in 2015 by founder and Managing Director Ros Heathcote. With a background stretching over 15 years in catering and hospitality, Borough Broth Company has enabled her to follow her passion for cooking and design. Borough Broth has also been the winner of 14 Great Taste Awards.

Noticed by Selfridges Food Hall

Ros knew the benefits of quality, small-batch bone broths made with delicious, organic ingredients, but without additives and preservatives. She realised that they were not available on supermarket shelves, so she set out to make them herself, initially just selling locally. She was eventually noticed by Selfridges Food Hall and so Borough Broth was launched. Borough Broth has now brought their Free-Range Organic Chicken Bone Broth and Grass-Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth into over 250 Waitrose stores and online.

Bone broth has long been used to comfort those suffering colds and flu and loss of appetite. It’s not just an old wives’ tale, either. A good stock contains glycine to promote a good night’s sleep, collagen for skin care, gelatine for gut health and amino acids for joints. Why take supplements when you can enjoy the real thing in tasty fashion? The Borough Broth range contain a high ratio of bones to water, which are simmered for up to 24 hours. Not many of us have the will to do that at home!

These award-winning broths taste like the old-fashioned real thing. The flavours are deep and complex, and each variety will encourage the home cook to new heights of soup, casserole, sauce and gravy making. Don’t just think of classic British recipes, either: perhaps dabble with some North African culinary traditions; there are some Asian-inspired broths in the range, too! There are plenty of ideas on the Borough Broth web site.

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