Brockmans Gin’s Rewards for Wards

Brockmans Gin’s ‘Rewards for Wards’ raises £13,700+ for NHS staff


brockmans ginBrockmans Gin’s ‘Rewards for Wards’ initiative has raised £13,740.00. The scheme supported frontline health care workers by donating money to Meals for the NHS. Organisers of the scheme to feed NHS frontline workers have been ‘blown away’ by the generosity of Brockmans Gin and its customers.

The brand owners of the super-premium gin took no profits from sales via its online shop during April.  Every time a bottle of gin was purchased through the brand’s own shop, a donation of either £6 or £10, was made to the not-for-profit group, plus postage was waived and the gin was available at a lower than normal price.  Meals for the NHS was set up to help fuel workers who were hungry during and after a busy shift but for whom canteens and shops were not necessarily available.

A massive thank you

Jessie, a spokesperson for the Meals for the NHS Team and one of the volunteers whose initiative it was to establish the group, said: “This is absolutely amazing – well done to Brockmans Gin! We are blown away by the success here. A massive thank you – this is really incredible and such a significant contribution. To help put it in real terms, the number of meals you funded allows us to serve 1 hospital their evening meals for over a month”.

Brockmans MD, Guy Lawrence, said: “At a time like no other we, like so many other companies and individuals, decided to support to our heroic frontline health workers. We hoped to raise £10,000; however, with the support of our customers, I and the team are delighted that we far exceeded that total. Our funds raised enough to prove over 2,000 meals for NHS workers. Meals for the NHS is a brilliant cause, and is working with restaurants to provide hot, healthy meals for those who are doing so much to help others.”

The offer closed at the end of April. Brockmans Gin is available at the normal RRP of £34 from Brockmans NHS mealsand is

also available at supermarkets and other online retailers.