Brockmans Gin – A cut above

Brockmans ginYes, it’s trending. Gin is ubiquitous in every bar throughout the nation. It is loved by young sippers who have irrevocably banished the dusty reputation of ‘Mother’s ruin’.  Gin is presented as a key component in every guise of cocktail, from fruity and floral to spicy and exotic. These often-colourful libations may mask a fairly ordinary gin. It doesn’t matter, does it? It’s only a cocktail, isn’t it? Go and wash your mouth with tonic! Quality of gin does indeed matter.

Brockmans contains a wealth of well-chosen aromatics. Its gin is made in traditional fashion in copper stills and they take their time. Juniper is obviously here as it’s the only component that must be included by law. But berries and spices meld and mingle to present a balanced and complex gin which makes, in my opinion, one of the most perfect, crisp and fragrant G & Ts.

If this is to be your first encounter with this stylish dark bottle, then take a moment or two to actually taste. Yes, sure, it’s available in many a spirits outlet, but don’t let its ease of purchase persuade you that this is less than a well-crafted drink.

Take a small glass of Brockmans and have a little sniff. Not too much but just enough to take in some of its fragrant components. Add a dash or two of water and have another little nose. There will be more to discover. Add some ice and wait a minute or two before drinking. This is a smooth gin and not at all challenging to sip without mixers. But now you can pour a proper classic Highball of gin and good tonic. A simple cocktail but one which allows that gin to shine. Other cocktails await, and I will be publishing Brockmans cocktail recipes here in future posts!

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