BookBook for Kindle – A Touch of Luxury

The case for reading

bookbookMany of us have rediscovered the joy of reading over these past strange months. We leaf through paperbacks but we also appreciate the convenience of a Kindle. The major complaint has always been ‘but it doesn’t feel or look like a real book’. The Twelve South BookBook has the solution to both complaints, and in sumptuous fashion.

The BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is a vintage-inspired case designed for both practicality and aesthetic beauty. The tactile leather cover transforms the Kindle Paperwhite into a classic volume which would grace the shelves of any wood-panelled library. This case is made from hand-distressed, genuine leather and it is the essence of luxury. Leather is a material long used for binding quality books, and it actually improves with use.

Wakes your Kindle

This book has a spine just like the real thing. It has a folding kickstand that props up your Kindle for hands-free reading. Dual zippers keep the hardback covers safely closed, while allowing you to charge your Kindle inside. Unlike some other covers the Bookbook wakes your Kindle when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. It fits Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10th generation, released in 2018). It has reinforced corners and a rigid spine to protect your Paperwhite from drops. A microfibre interior protects your display from scratches.


Twelve South BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite
Available from  Price: £49.99