Blondies Kitchen Mince Pie Cookie Cups

Enhancing a tradition.

Mince Pie Cookie CupsHark! What’s that I hear? It’s the jingle of bells and the red nosing of reindeer. It will soon be Christmas and that’s a time of joy and hospitality and a pile of worries about what to buy friends and family who can’t be with us. Blondies Kitchen Mince Pie Cookie Cups could be your solution to a Yuletide dilemma.

Blondies Kitchen was founded in 2016 by two women who are indeed blonde. They are professionally trained chefs called Kristelle and Chelsie.  Kristelle has a background in restaurants and Chelsie spent over 2 years at BBC Good Food as a cookery writer.

Incorporated that delicious crunch

Blondies Kitchen offers sweet temptations all year round, but these Mince Pie Cookie Cups have Christmas nailed. Blondies Kitchen has already established a good reputation with their cookies, and now they have incorporated that delicious crunch into the crust surrounding a traditional mince pie filling. A unique combination that really works.

Mince Pie Cookie Cups are substantial and could constitute a Christmas dessert. The cookie dough crust has wonderful texture and is substantial enough to allow for tall, muffin tin-shaped pies which have won me over. They could well be the go-to gift to be delivered to friends and family who won’t be around during the festive season. A thoughtful present that can be enjoyed while watching the King’s Speech or at the end of Christmas dinner. They could start a new tradition.


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