Black Cow Vodka

Black CowBlack Cow Vodka! A nice name and the untutored might imagine that a cow was chosen just as a pretty motif. But the truth is that cows are a key component of this spirit. No, this vodka isn’t made from beef but rather from the milk donated by those aforementioned cattle.

A spirit made from milk isn’t a new concept. That famous distiller Genghis Khan seems to have had the idea first. In fact, one could make vodka out of almost anything edible, although it’s usually vegetables or fruits as the base ingredient.

Converts the natural sugars into alcohol

Jason Barber was looking for alternative ways to use the produce from his dairy herd. The curds go into Jason’s award-winning cheeses, whilst the remaining whey (that’s the watery bit) is now used for vodka! The whey is fermented using a special yeast that converts the natural sugars into alcohol. Once distilled it’s filtered through coconut-shell charcoal to give the spirit a crisp character with a silky finish and creamy mouthfeel.

Black Cow Vodka is evidently the ‘Marmite’ of the vodka world. Reviewers seem to have strong views either for or against. It is very much to my taste, though, and I appreciate both flavour and texture. It’s a real all-rounder, being a perfect neat sipper as well as partnering mixers.

Start a new trend

The bottle is clear and simple with black printing. There is a hint of gold giving a nod to gold-top milk which was the richest milk available in those glass milk bottles once delivered to one’s doorstep. Perhaps Black Cow could start a new trend and consider doing the same with their characterful vodka.


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