Belvoir – With or Without

Mixer or Straight Up.

We have a few short months of al fresco entertaining at home or away. Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic Cocktails are perfect for a picnic or a garden party.  They present some convenient and delicious inspiration for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Belvoir Farm is found in the Leicestershire countryside of the Vale of Belvoir. The first bottle of Belvoir elderflower cordial was made in the Vale four decades ago, in the farmhouse kitchen of owner Peverel Manners. The company now has a unique and tempting swathe of quality cordials and other libations.

Mixers for classic cocktails

Belvoir Farm’s premium mixers for classic cocktails has now joined their celebrated range of soft drinks. The handy cans include Passionfruit Martini, Peach Bellini, and Yuzu and Lime Mojito. Each of these drinks will delight tea-totallers as they are delicious served well-chilled with the appropriate garnish. Perhaps some peach or nectarine purée with the Bellini, a spoon of fresh passion fruit for the Martini, and some muddled mint leaves with the Mojito.

Belvoir Farm MartiniBut regular cocktail lovers won’t feel short-changed as these Belvoir Farm cocktails can also morph into alcoholic beverages with the addition of the appropriate spirit. Serve the Bellini in a Champagne flute and add sparking white wine. The Martini should be served in the eponymous glass with a shot of vodka or neutral gin. Impress guests with a Mojito presented in a cut glass tumbler and add a little white rum.

Belvoir Farm have a deserved reputation for their drinks, and this is an exciting and well-timed new product selection.


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