Beans Coffee Club

Give the gift that can warm every day.

Beans Coffee Club

Times are tough the world over just now. We are all thinking of making a few economies, and coffee could be where we can make some painless cuts. No need to cut the quality of our cuppa though. Beans Coffee Club offers some practical inspiration.

Flexible coffee subscriptions

This is firstly a speciality coffee company but it also sports a popular coffee subscription service. The coffee beans are sourced from around the world so there is a delicious coffee to suit every taste. But how does the subscription service work?

It’s simple to save on that morning coffee. Make a cup of tailored coffee and take it with you to work, for a walk, etc. Skipping visits to costly coffee shops could save a packet of cash, and open the door to coffee exploration as a bonus!

One can choose a subscription for a weekly or a monthly coffee delivery. Beans Coffee Club has created the perfect solution to those seeking bespoke coffee without the hefty price tag.

The average takeaway latte costs £2.70, whereas a Beans Coffee Club espresso, and milk from your own fridge for a Latte, costs just 63p (15 coffees per £7.99 bag including delivery) saving £2.07 per cup. Making this switch from overpriced coffee to a savvy subscription service could save a whopping £1,511.10 per year.

How to get started

It’s simple. First select your subscription based on your personal taste. Let the company know how you brew your coffee – Cafetière, Aeropress, Moka Pot, filter or bean to cup. They will deliver the perfect grind for your machine or pot, freshly roasted and ground (or left whole) to order. Choose how much or how little coffee to have delivered and how often. Swap and change, reschedule, cancel or pause your subscription easily from your own personal dashboard. It’s so convenient. The 220g postbox-friendly bags are also fully recyclable! There are award-winning coffees here so the lucky recipient won’t be disappointed.

The UK’s leading multi-roaster subscription service uses an intelligent matching process which allows you to find beans based on your taste in just 30 seconds. The service offers consumers a way to confidently purchase a variety of coffee that ranges from caramel to fruity berries all from the comfort of your own home.

Fiona Jones, co-founder of Beans Coffee Club says: “We all love to treat ourselves to a takeaway hot drink now and again, but this really can add up. Now more than ever it is important to find coffee that is perfect for you without breaking the bank.

“At Beans Coffee club we offer a cost-effective solution that goes beyond supplying generic coffee to the masses: we match you to your own personal selection of coffee based on your individual taste preference. Our coffee is hand-roasted to order and shipped directly from the roaster, ensuring coffee arrives in the optimum condition every week, fortnight or month.

“Our main goal is to inspire more people to enjoy specialty coffee that is right for them; we hope to continue to grow and supply our special beans across the nation.”

For more information please visit and complete the steps to finding cost-effective bespoke coffee tailored to your taste. More details are available via Beans Coffee Club social channels @beanscoffeeclub on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.