AskaAska is a stunning book from Phaidon Press. Aska has impact, beauty, charm and a great deal of imagination. This might not be the book for the novice cook, but it could be the inspiration for some new dishes for any already-accomplished budding chef. The black leather-look binding indicates that this is a book for reading from as much as cooking from. This is a gift-quality volume and one over which to pore.

Originally from Sweden, Fredrik Berselius now has a career in New York. He opened Aska in its original location in 2012. Less than a year later, this celebrated chef gained his first Michelin star, and Aska was named one of the 10 Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit – that’s no mean feat in such a competitive environment. In 2016 Aska moved to a new location and was soon awarded two Michelin stars.

85 recipes over which to chew, along with Fredrik’s musings

Aska, the book, gives a nod to Swedish epicurean heritage. Chef Berselius shares his overview of Scandinavian seasonal culinary traditions, and some interesting techniques and taste-and-texture combinations.  There are 85 recipes over which to chew, along with Fredrik’s musings. This would be perfect bedtime reading for any prospective chef.

Those recipes might at first seem daunting, but each plate can be deconstructed into several recipes. One can break down the proposed dish into its constituent parts and perhaps use these in your own creations. There might be a sauce you could use in your own dish, or a purée that might elevate your routine main course.

Aska will likely have a passionate fan-base of culinary professionals or those considering a career in hospitality. It would also be appreciated by anyone who wants to take their home cooking to new gastronomic heights. A marvellous gift for any dedicated foodie.

Author: Fredrik Berselius
Published by: Phaidon Press
Price: £39.95
ISBN-13: 978-0714875774