Asian Flavours – Kitchen Classics by Jane Price – review

cookbook review Asian Flavours - Kitchen Classics This is another amazing book from Murdoch. This publisher continues to amaze me with great cookbooks at unbeatable prices. Each recipe is triple-tested in the publisher’s own kitchens so you are assured that the food that looks so good in the book will be equally attractive on your plate and wil be delicious as well. The photography by Jared Fowler is delightful with striking full-page shots.

If you are a lover of Asian food then you will find Asian Flavours to be a treasure-chest of favourite dishes, but it might also introduce you to some new culinary gems. I am particularly pleased to see a recipe for General Tso’s Chicken. I had this for the first time when I was working in the US. Our local Chinese take-out offered a wealth of mysterious choices but I fell in love with General Tso. It’s an easy dish to make and has punchy flavours. I’d buy this book for that recipe alone.

I’ll eat squid at every opportunity. Asian Flavours offers the ever-popular Salt and Pepper Squid. This is embarrassingly simple to make but you’ll get lots of compliments from appreciative guests who will suspect that you have spent some time “out East” or at least catering college. This dish always looks stylish and it’s light so an ideal starter or as nibbles with drinks. Another that falls into those two categories is Sesame Prawns with Tangy Mint Chutney. These prawns have the advantage of being able to be made a day ahead. Ideal for entertaining.

Crispy Lamb with Lettuce is a hands-on dish. It’s a great one for informal gatherings. One fills a lettuce leaf with the cooked meat, plum sauce and a scattering of spring onions. The marinated lamb is deep fried to make a flavourful contrast to the delicate and sweet lettuce.

This is a gorgeous book to look at and you’ll be tempted to use it. Lots for vegetarians and seafood lovers as well as meat eaters. Many of the dishes are good dinner party staples as most of the work is done before your guests arrive. Kheer is an Indian rice pudding flavoured with cardamom. It’s served warm or cold. It’s made in a pot on the stove rather than in the oven. Consider this as a sweet risotto made with Basmati rice. It’s a favourite at celebrations in Northern India where it is described as the Queen of Desserts.

Asian Flavours offers a collection of must-have recipes. This volume contains easy but authentic dishes that so many of us have come to know via our globe-trotting or high-street ethnic restaurant. Indian and Chinese recipes are included along with those from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. This gives a whirlwind tour of culinary Asia and is outstanding value for money.

Asian Flavours: The Asian Recipes You Must Have
Author: Jane Price
Published by: Murdoch Books
Price: £12.99
ISBN 978-1921259104


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