Alexander – a solid cologne

solid cologneIt’s that season when a young (or not so young) person’s fancy turns to festivals. We have great hopes for weather, music, good food (only kidding) and good times. But we do need a few accessories, and one in particular will make life more pleasant for the festival-goer and those around them. I introduce Alexander – a solid cologne.

Alexander is a sweet, rich and sophisticated scent for men, and it is solid.  This cologne hints at a man who is freshly booted, suited and showered, rather than the chap in muddy wellies and dressed in a T-shirt which might soon be leading a life of its own!

Natural ingredients and oils

The cologne has hints of grapefruit and pine. There is aromatic bay leaf with traditional patchouli, too! This is the acceptable face of masculine fragrances. It’s manly without being unpleasantly pungent or overly outdoorsy, and it’s spicy rather than floral. Alexander is made with natural ingredients and oils, and includes beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil for ease of application.

This solid cologne is practical for festival attendees but also for those who want to travel light. Now there is no need to cart that half-empty bottle of cologne, and no worries about spills. It fits in a backpack or just as easily into a briefcase for between-meeting freshening. Alexander solid cologne in its handy tin is perfect for both work and play.

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