Alcoholic gums with Spirit

Smith and Sinclair Alcoholic Gummies

GummiesI admit it, I was curious but dubious. Smith and Sinclair Alcoholic Gummies seemed to promise so much – although so do wine gums and they are nothing to write home about.

Smith and Sinclair produce an array of Alcoholic Gummy gift boxes. I tried the Whiskey Club selection and it was tasteful in every regard. The packaging is smart and will be, I don’t doubt, appealing to the whiskey-loving market. A drawer contains the gummy goodies, all individually wrapped, agreeably large jellies. Yes, they do actually taste of alcohol and the cocktail combinations are surprisingly convincing.

Eat your Drink

The company has invented this alcoholic confection and I have not come across another business that is doing the same thing. These gummies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as anybody interested in eating their drinks. A catchy form of words which I wish I could have thought of first, but Eat your Drink is the slogan emblazoned on that attractive box.

The Whiskey Club box contained Bourbon Old Fashioned, Whiskey and Ginger, Manhattan and Whiskey Sour. They really do live up to the expectations raised by the names on their individual wrappers. I don’t know how they do it. Smith and Sinclair Alcoholic Gummies would make a classy, sophisticated and delicious gift for any discerning whiskey drinker. They do truly contain alcohol, so tell the lucky recipient to remember they are not wine gums!

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