A Vegan Running Duck!

Organic and Fairtrade.

Running-duckThis Organic Red Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellar Organics in The Western Cape in South Africa has a curious name. It’s ‘Running Duck No Added Sulphur Cabernet Sauvignon’ and it’s 2020 vintage. The wines are named after the flocks of Indian Runner ducks, which act as a natural pesticide.

The Estate is managed in an organic and ethical fashion. The Stellar Fairtrade Workers Trust is a platform for the workers. It’s the largest producer of organic wines in South Africa, with several national ‘firsts’ including Fairtrade accreditation (2003) and the production of ‘no sulphur added’ wines. It’s the leading ethical wine brand in the UK. It was founded by the Rossouw brothers in 2000. Stellar are the world’s foremost producers of no added sulphur wines.

This pleasing wine is produced from all-organic grapes, and perfect for vegans too!

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Herbs and wet leaves, a hint of capsicum
Appearance: Purple red
Palate: Luscious black and red soft fruits with a little vanilla. Balanced tannins
Finish: Medium

Running Duck No Added Sulphur Cabernet Sauvignon will be enjoyed by vegans, but it’s a wine for everybody. It pairs well with robust savoury and spicy vegan foods as well as hearty meat dishes and BBQ. The ideal wine for a crowd with diverse dietary needs.


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