A novel approach for Brockmans Gin

Brockmans Gin is not only a favourite in real life. The super-premium gin is also a fiction favourite. The English gin has been honoured with an appearance in the newly published novel‘Bandwagon’, the showbiz thriller, by Richard Cobourne, just out in digital and paperback formats.

The gin is the favourite of one of the book’s protagonists: “Daisy had a Brockmans Gin with Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil Tonic. They clinked glasses and savoured their drinks”.

Upmarket drink for Daisy DeVilliers

brockmans novelAsked, why he chose Brockmans, Richard Cobourne said: “When I was writing this showbiz thriller, I was researching the drinks available at the Crown & Sceptre in Fitzrovia and wanted an upmarket drink for Daisy DeVilliers, the PR person in my story. Her choice of drink defines who she is — upmarket and highly intelligent both emotionally and strategically”.

There’s no other novel on the market quite like‘Bandwagon’ and of course there is no other gin on the market quite like Brockmans so it’s a happy coupling.

The book is written with insight and authority – while simultaneously capitalising on the tittle-tattle and tales that make showbiz so tantalising, intriguing and popular.

Described by one reviewer as Hello-Magazine-meets-thriller, ‘Bandwagon’ calls on decades of the author’s experience at the helm of production in the global events industry, to take readers behind the curtain of a major celebrity concert tour – and from there into the criminal underworld.

Danger replaces entertainment

When a reluctant radio reporter steps into an arena to interview an international music star, he has no idea he has also entered a potentially deadly ride through blackmail, smuggling and organized crime. Danger replaces entertainment, in a novel which a critic hailed as, ‘A world of the music business, radio, TV and the high life, all expertly portrayed in a… really well-written action thriller.’

brockmans novel bottleNobody knows the global events industries like Richard Cobourne, who has spent his working life in production, and frequently rubs shoulders with some of the entertainment world’s biggest stars.

Now a full-time writer, Richard has called on his old contacts (including Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm and broadcaster Alan Dedicoat) to pen a novel that throws the world of showbiz onto a stage of blood, human trafficking and that sneaking suspicion anyone’s breath could be their last.

He said: “I use my forty years in the industry to give readers a very real and vivid look behind the scenes of show business.  The story starts off innocently, and reflects the entertainment world people know, before plunging into a dark and twisted journey through an underworld that readers are secretly fascinated by. The two ‘worlds’ actually fit together very well, as readers discover.”

The book is the first in a trilogy. Richard Cobourne said: I am 20,000 words into book two of the trilogy, ‘Red Light and Bell’ and I feel moreBrockmans and Double Dutch coming on!”

Danny arrived promptly at noon — before either Daisy or Bill Kelly. He ordered a ‘Little Creatures Dog Days Session Ale’ and left his credit card behind the bar, starting a tab. He was about to take his first sip when Bill and Daisy arrived at his corner table at the same time. Introductions were made.

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