A New Taste of Galena – community cookbook – review

Galena What’s a Galena and is it organic? I hear you ask. It’s not a food, it’s a place. In fact it’s a small town in Illinois and this book is a Lutheran Church community cookbook. Now, I am not even a Christian and this review has nothing to do with the church. This review has everything to do with sharing, and particularly sharing with those from other communities, be they religious, cultural or social. Gosh, didn’t that sound serious!

My friends Carolyn and Chuck know the passion I have for food and wanted to share a book that was written by members of their church. It doesn’t matter to them that I am not a Lutheran nor a Christian. It’s a lovely gift and encouraged me to think that cookbooks like this should be more popular.

There is nothing that breaks down barriers more than food. We all eat, and three times a day if we are part of the lucky minority. Giving a book like this is a thoughtful gesture to an outsider. Buying a book like this says to the sellers that you support them in their fund-raising efforts.

This is a hefty tome containing a huge number of family recipes from church members and their friends. The recipes are clear and the authors have even gone to the trouble to add nutritional information. The work that has gone into this volume is praiseworthy (nice word and it sounds churchy!)

There must be dozens of contributors who deserve to feel proud of their efforts. Beef Burgundy Stew from Kathleen Goranson’s mum sounds lovely. Dallas County Jailhouse Chili sounds delicious enough to tempt anyone into a life of crime – Sally Bischel must have a good reason for having that recipe! Bourbon Sweet Potatoes sound divine and I think that someone should give Fabi Voigt a job as a food writer!

I apologise for not mentioning every single contributor to A New Taste of Galena. All your recipes sound lovely. Shortage of time is the only thing that prevents me from listing you individually and reviewing each recipe.

Consider a cookbook as a fund raiser for your church, temple, synagogue, mosque, chapel, social group, sports group or correction centre. It’ll be a lot of work but worth it!

A New Taste of Galena
Authors: Almost everyone who knows Carolyn and Chuck Stork
Published by: Author, Inc.
Produced by: Bible Alive of St Matthew Lutheran Church


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018