A Little Maple Syrup Cookbook by Cynthia Cousins – review

Maple syrup A Little Maple Syrup Cookbook is just one in the series from Appletree Press in Belfast and these Little Cookbooks are little gems. They are a handy size and would make the most lovely of gifts for any budding cook. You’ll have to look at the Appletree Press site for a full list of their titles but you’ll find that there are lots of them and many published in not only English but French and several other languages.

This book is just so charming with illustrations by Susan David that complement the recipes so well. And those recipes are mouth-watering. If you have never tasted Maple Syrup then you are missing a treat. It’s like brown sugar but with a richer, more distinct flavour. The real stuff isn’t cheap but you’ll find it’s worth the price.

Easy Baked Cinnamon Toast is …well, easy! Imagine a cinnamon bread and butter pudding but without the butter. This would be a stunner as part of a breakfast for a crowd and you don’t have to watch the grill or keep loading the toaster!

This is without a doubt my favourite Maple Syrup recipe: French Canadian Maple Syrup Pie is sweet and delicious and you only need as small serving (it says here). It’s another simple recipe but memorable and if you try it you will make it often.

These might be Little Cookbooks but they are impressive. I am tempted to collect the whole list!

A Little Maple Syrup Cookbook
Authors: Cynthia Cousins and Karen King
Published by: Appletree Press www.appletree.ie
Price: £4.99
ISBN 0-86281-623-8


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018