A Dunnet Bay Distillers Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas with Dunnet Bay Distillers

Spirited gifts from Scotland to suit every price range, from £1 – £90

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Raise a glass to these gift ideas from Dunnet Bay Distillers, makers of the cool brand Rock Rose Gin – officially chosen earlier this year by CoolBrands.

If you are looking for unusual gifts for Christmas and New Year or Hogmanay, and those in your life will appreciate some rather special gins and other spirited goodies from Scotland, we have over twelve gift ideas for you to suit every price range. All items will be available from https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/shop/

Gifts under £5

Use these little gifts as an extra treat for someone and to top up your basket to qualify for free shipping when you spend £50+

Rock Rose Gin marmalade miniature

£1 each

Rock Rose Christmas Bottle Jumper

Yes really! If you’re wearing Christmas jumpers, shouldn’t your bottle of festive spirit get into the festive spirit too. £7 each

Rock Rose Crackers and Holy Grass Vodka Crackers

Festive Christmas crackers each containing a delicious 5cl miniature of gin or vodka. £5 each.

Gifts under £15

Rock Rose Gin Liquid Garnishes

These have been designed to complement and add another dimension to the Rock Rose Gin. Created by the Distillery’s gardener, the are like adding a traditional garnish. There are 4 in the range: lemon thyme; coriander and lime; winter walk; or blaeberry and basil.


£12.00 for each 100ml bottle

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A unique and luxurious scented candle, inspired by the wonderful fragrance of the Distillery when the gin is being made. Scented with verbena and juniper.  Priced at £10 or £15 depending on size. https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/shop/large-rock-rose-gin-distilling-day-candle/

Gifts for £25


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Rock Rose Sloe Gin

A rich and fruity sloe gin, with a smooth, warming finish, this is made using Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition as a base. The gin is a warm spirit packed with locally grown and locally foraged botanicals, berries and spices. The team collects local elderberriesblaeberries, sloes to make the perfect liqueur. Sweetened with muscovado sugar, the result is a thick, dark sloe gin which is jammy and tart, yet smooth and rich.

29%ABV, £25 for a 50cl bottle


 Gingerbread Espresso Martini

A delectable, festive bottled cocktail using coffee vodka – ready to serve.

£25 for 50cl

Rock Rose Winter Spiced Negroni

A classic negroni, made with Rock Rose Gin, this is Infused with cardamom, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, mixed spices and bitters this is Christmas in a bottle. Simply serve over ice garnished with a slice of orange or orange peel studded with cloves.


£25 for 50cl

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Gifts for £30

Recyclable Refill Pouches

The Rock Rose Gin editions and Holy Grass Vodka are available as a sustainable, fully recyclable refill pouch. So, if you know the recipient already loves these spirits and is keen on being environmentally friendly and already has a Rock Rose ‘bottle for life’, buy them a refill pouch to top up their ceramic bottle for just £30 for 70cl.


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Gifts under £35

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The Lassies Toast Gin

Developed especially for Burns Night, it is also a perfect way to toast in the New Year. This

deliciously herbal gin has elements of citrus and hints of tea.

It is inspired by the Moorland Tea that Robert Burns is reputed to have enjoyed and is made to a unique recipe designed in-house. With the ‘Toast to the Lassies’ the traditional way to celebrate the end of the Burns Night meal, this wee dram has been designed as a drink for the lassies. It features bilberry leavesstrawberry leavesheather topsspeedwell and wild thyme, ingredients found in the Moorland Tea recipe.

41.5% ABV

£34 of 50cl  500ml

Rock Rose Original Gin

This was where it all started 7 years’ ago: Rock Rose Original is a flavourful and fresh, zesty yet berryful gin with a long smooth finish.

Rock Rose Gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals. Each one is meticulously chosen for its taste properties.


£34.00 for 70ml

Holy Grass Vodka

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Delicate and fresh with a creamy smooth finish, Holy Grass Vodka is a celebration of local produce and botanicals, the spirit is infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass. The hero botanical Anthoxanthum nitens is a delicate, sweet-scented grass known by several common names such as Holy Grass, Bison Grass or Sweet Grass.


41.5% ABV

£34 for 70cl

Gifts under £100

Rock Rose Winter Edition

A juniper led earthy gin with fragrant pine notes. Our hero botanical in the Winter Edition is spruce tips. With thoughts of bracing walks, roaring fires and dark nights this is a perfect winter-tide gift – for Christmas or just because… The original Rock Rose elements have been scaled down to allow the delightful earthy and slightly citrusy notes from the spruce tips to shine through.


41.5% ABV for 70cl


Gift set

A beautiful gift box containing a full sized 70cl bottle of Rock Rose Original or Holy Grass Vodka combined with an elegant glass. https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/shop/holy-grass-vodka-gift-set/


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Refill Rewards Club (see main picture)

Sign up someone special for a Refill Rewards Club membership 3 months. If you buy this as a gift, the recipient will receive a stylish gift voucher. Prices from £90. More frequent deliveries are also available if you want to splash out for a keen gin and vodka lover.

3 Month Refill Rewards Club Gift Certificate | Dunnet Bay Distillers


That’s it… the twelve days covered – plus a few extra gifts for good measure. And there are still more goodies available from this fine family company, the UK’s most northerly mainland distillery. Take a look. https://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk/shop/