200 Cupcakes – cookbook review

It’s a trend that is enduring. These little cakes are practical to eat, they are versatile, being enjoyed equally by adults and children, and they are perfect for both casual and smart occasions. Yes, it’s true that the possibilities for producing delightful cupcakes are endless, but it’s often difficult to actually come up with the ideas oneself.

cookbook review 200 cupcakes 200 Cupcakes could be the book for the many who need a bit of timely inspiration. It’s another in the 200 series by Hamlyn. There are 100 or so basic recipes with a supporting photograph for each one. These are indispensible when one is considering cake decoration. It’s difficult to describe the very amusing red-nosed reindeer cupcake in just a few words, but take it from me these particular Rudolphs will most definitely stop the kids from pouting and crying …or however that famous Christmas song goes. Each of those recipes also has a variant, giving the bumper count of 200.

The book has chapters devoted to everyday cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, those for kids, others for adults, some savoury ones, and cupcakes for special occasions. Not all of the cupcakes are decorated, and there are a good number of different basic recipes. Each individual cake has its own recipe but it’s easy to mix and match the cake and the decoration to suit your needs or the tastes of your family. The permutations are endless.

200 Cupcakes contains everything that even a novice might need. Recipes for both cake and frosting, introduction to the basic techniques, and advice on such things as ready-made icing and decorations. But it’s probably the decoration ideas which will encourage you to buy this book. Apart from the aforementioned reindeer there are toppings that range from the romantic and simple such as Rose Delight Cupcakes (the cake really does contain rose-flavoured Turkish Delight) to the very elegant Princess Cupcakes piped with buttercream and studded with silver balls. Good enough for a wedding …if you have a steady hand. The majority of baking and decorating suggestions here can well be accomplished by the beginner and even kids; some are for the more confident but none of them need the eye of a professional baker. Your creations will run from the comic and whimsical to the classic and charming.

If you are looking for a great-value cupcake book then you can’t go far wrong with this one. It’s full of accessible ideas for cakes that will be admired by both family and friends. Lots of suggestions for easy cakes, and they’ll be much cheaper than buying from a boutique bakery.

200 Cupcakes
Published by Hamlyn-Octopus
Price: £4.99
ISBN 978-0-600-62078-5


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018