St David’s Day Garden Cocktail

Eccentric Dewi Sant Gin for the celebration

St David’s Day is celebrated on 1 March. Its the Welsh Saints Day and Welsh people either of Wales’s national emblems. The daffodil is easiest to pin to ones suit but there are those who will prefer the vegetable option sport a leek.

St David, or Dewi Sant in Welsh is thought to have been born on the south-west coast of Wales between 462 and 515 AD, near to the city of St Davids which is named after the holy man

Gardd Dewi Sant cocktail Here is a cocktail which contains neither daffodil nor leek!

Gardd Dewi Sant/St David’s Garden Cocktail (serves 1)

Fresh Cucumber – 2 Slices
Fresh Mint – 6 Leaves
Eccentric Dewi Sant Gin – 50ml
Fresh Lemon Juice – 25ml
Elderflower Syrup/cordial – 15ml
Cucumber & Mint Sprig Garnish


Add the cucumber to a cocktail shaker and muddle – use the end of a wooden spoon.

Clap the mint leaves between your hands and add to the shaker.

Pour in the gin, lemon juice and elderflower syrup/cordial to the shaker then add ice and shake to combine.

Double strain the contents of the shaker into your cocktail glass and garnish with a cucumber wheel and mint sprig.