MP Magic Socks for All Seasons

MP magicMP Magic Socks, a rather classy brand, will launch a new product, MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5, which will keep you feet warm at 37.5°C (99.5°F). That’s a comfy blood temperature.

I have been writing food, travel and product reviews for 15 years, and around Autumn time I start presenting Christmas gift suggestions. Those articles often start with something along the lines of ‘Buy something more interesting than socks this Christmas’. Now I have a suggestion that is more interesting, but it is still socks. It’s MP Magic Socks.

MP Magic Socks look and feel like quality socks but apart from the luxurious merino wool there is technology at work here, too. But firstly, what is merino wool?

Merino wool is a natural material originating from the Merino sheep from Spain, that have been bred since the 12th century. The wool was so prized that its export was banned at one point. Much of the wool now comes from Australia, where the sheep thrive. Merino has high levels of warmth, breathability and softness against the skin, particularly when compared with traditional wool, which can sometimes irritate delicate skin.

Innovative technology

Founded in 2017, MP Magic Socks were supported by crowdfunding. The MP team develops unique socks taking advantage of innovative technology. This has allowed the company to design products that eliminate the likelihood of foot odour and the social and health issues arising from damp and sweaty feet. Now there is the added bonus of that 37.5 thermal technology – and winter will soon be with us!

Merino wool makes a highly breathable yarn which can wick moisture away from the feet. It is also able to disperse excess body heat thus making it great for temperature regulation. That is important when travelling, playing sports or even gardening. Merino wool has natural anti-bacterial properties that will help feet stay fresh.

Merino wool is finer than most other wools. It has a very soft and luxurious feel. Merino wool contains crimps which bind together as you move, creating pockets which trap air. Air that can’t circulate will retain heat from your body to keep you warm. Merino will also maintain its insulating properties when damp. That is an asset when hiking or skiing in cold weather.

MP magic fashionPractical and stylish

The MP Magic Socks range offers a comfortable design with all the advantages of a practical and stylish sock. These products will have wide appeal for travellers on winter breaks in particular. The prospect of some crisp days in the country is appealing just now but one needs to feel comfortable, warm and fresh. The socks are cosy to wear. They come in contemporary and attractive designs and would be a thoughtful present for winter ramblers and snowy staycationers – but MP Magic Socks are a pleasure all year round. Designs yarns may vary but the high quality remains the same with all the products, so look at the MP Magic Socks web page for more information.

MP Magic Socks are available in different materials and styles to suit every sartorial taste and occasion. There are the classics for suited evenings, the rugged look for outdoors, and colourful collections for when one needs to make a fashion statement. Take another look at socks. They could be the other high-tech gift this year.


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