MNCHED – Sustainable and Stylish

Cutlery on the go…or stay.

mnchedIn the summer of 2020, after lockdown and in preparation for returning to the office, Lorna’s employers announced they would no longer provide cutlery for in-office lunches. A familiar scenario for many. Lorna scanned the marketplace to find some portable alternatives. She wanted cutlery which was sturdy, practical and could be used time and time again. Mnched was born and it’s unique.

This is a sustainable, stylish, high-quality cutlery and straw set that’s fully dishwasher safe. Each item is made with real metal, so no worries about bending, squishing or melting when eating one’s piping-hot lasagne or cutting through a pizza. The classy and sturdy set comes in its own box so it’s perfect to tote to the office or for solo alfresco eating when travelling.

So many of the ‘green’ cutlery options offered are not reusable and not sturdy enough to cut a crusty roll. Mnched includes a metal straw and that is an inspired addition. If you have ever tried to poke a hole in the top of a soft drink cup then you will understand the frustration of bent and blunt paper straws.

Mnched is perfect for workers and travellers alike. It’s a quality set and will last for years. The case keeps the cutlery safe and it’s easily cleaned. A great product.

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