KitchenCraft Lime Squeezer

The perfect bar juicer.

lime-squeezerCocktails are more popular than ever. We have bottles of spirits and mixers. We watch celebrated mixologists prepare both classic and contemporary drinks, and when lime is an ingredient it’s always ‘freshly squeezed juice’ that they call for. KitchenCraft Lime Squeezer is an essential part of any bar kit.

One can feel the quality of this heavy metal squeezer. Its green enamel coating is both attractive and practical. It easily extracts juice through its straining holes and leaves the pips behind. It is designed to squeeze every last drop of juice from the fruit and it’s better and quicker at doing the job than many of its competitors.

Sturdy construction

This KitchenCraft Lime Squeezer is so easy to use. Simply cut the lime in half and place the lime half, cut side down, into the squeezer bowl. Squeeze the two handles together to press the fruit and extract the juice! The sturdy construction allows for maximum pressure.

This lime-green squeezer is a joy to use and will be welcomed by cooks as well as those making iconic cocktails – or those who would like to. It makes a great Father’s Day gift as well. It’s a product that will last.

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