Get ready for Summer with World of Zing’s Cocktail Party Pouche

World of Zing is new to me, but they will be on many a lip this summer. They are the pioneers of craft bottled cocktails, and are bound to be invited to al fresco get-togethers this year. They have launched their Cocktail Party Pouches just in time to enjoy this summer, with its longed-for freedoms. Whether at a picnic, barbecue or drinks in the park, World of Zing has got a range of pre-made cocktails ready to sip. The collection is available to purchase at

world of zing

Filled with delicious libations

The World of Zing Cocktail Pouches are bound to make your socially distanced event worth the wait. No need to cart heavy glass bottles, bottle openers or even glasses. These pouches are light and convenient and filled with delicious libations. World of Zing also supply a pack including compostable plastic glasses which add a little bit of class. Sipping from the pouch is perfectly acceptable and there will be less chance of the designer labradoodle upsetting one’s Martini glass.

The cocktails come in a range of 7 flavours, ready to drink in either a 250ml pouch with 2-3 servings or a 1.5l Magnum pouch, ideal for larger events:
●Passionfruit Margarita
●Pornstar Martini
●Bordeaux Negroni
●Persian Lime Margarita
●Rhubarb Cosmo
●Manhattan Whiskey Sour
●Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

I have tried both the Negroni and the Rhubarb Cosmo. Both were good but the Cosmo really had impact. Perfect for hot evenings – serve as chilled as you can manage.

World of Zing’s Cocktail Party Pouches will be the ideal guest at your convivial and long-awaited outings this year. They are simple to carry and use. One can be casual and drink directly from the pouch; one can order compostable glasses to elevate the event; one can stay home, keep the pouches in the fridge and enjoy from your best cocktail glasses. World of Zing’s Cocktail Party Pouches are versatile.