Chicago Town’s First Cheese-Filled Crust Pizza

chicago pizzaThe launch of Chicago Town’s First Cheese-Filled Crust Pizza is sure to excite Chicago Town fans. And this is where I am expected to state that I have always been a lover of their products, and continue by waxing lyrical about Friday nights spent watching a movie and enjoying a Chicago Town pizza. Well, here comes the disappointing truth. I have never ordered a take-out pizza delivered by a bloke on a bike and have not been a lover of frozen pizza …until now!

Chicago Town’s First Cheese-Filled Crust Pizza has rather elevated the shop-bought pizza in the sceptical mind of this hitherto picky reviewer. It was somewhat of a surprise, and illustrated that one should step away from food snobbery and actually taste!

A delicate thin base and that chubby and oozing crust

Their Cheese-Filled Crust Pizza features fresh rising dough which is topped with Chicago Town’s Takeaway signature tomato sauce, and garnished with Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Mature Cheddar and Emmental. This was everything a night-in-with-the-telly pizza should be. It came bubbling hot from the oven. It had a delicate thin base and that chubby and oozing crust. It was glossy as it is, after all, cheese. It was undoubtedly inelegant to eat but one can’t eat pizza with a knife and fork. A pizza that partnered perfectly with a nice glass of red. For less that £4 I thought this great value for money.

Look, let us not pretend that a pizza of any stripe can be classed as gourmet fare. Yes, obviously a freshly-cooked stone-baked, wood-fired oven pizza rushed to one’s intimate green gingham-draped and romantically-candled table is bound to have the edge. But, to be honest, Chicago Town’s Cheese-Filled Crust Pizza is cheaper and much more convenient, and the kids can enjoy the evening too! It is evidently Fast Food but I am rather taken with this as a periodic treat. I admit that I am converted.


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