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Chloe bag by Mia Tui from QVC

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800 mAh


Furoshiki Shoes – feet ahead

Innergie PocketCell™

38L Litehaul Pack from Kathmandu

Pocket-Pro® Toothbrush

Scrubba Wash Bag

The Trtl Pillow

Vango Tanker 110L Wheeled Holdall

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Bodum Travel Mug

Cabin Max Stockholm

Carlton Dune Case

Casemade Phone Cases

Chloe bag by Mia Tui from QVC

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800 mAh


Furoshiki Shoes – feet ahead

Innergie PocketCell™

38L Litehaul Pack from Kathmandu

Pocket-Pro® Toothbrush

Scrubba Wash Bag

The Trtl Pillow

Vango Tanker 110L Wheeled Holdall

Pocket-Pro® – Not just for your Pocket

pocket pro For the first time in my life as a travel writer I was invited to review a toothbrush! Well, it’s true one has to brush teeth even when travelling, but I was rather intrigued! Was there going to be a trade-off between power and size? There was bound to be some kind of concession… wasn’t there?

Well, no. The Pocket-Pro® toothbrush by Colgate is indeed ideal for any traveller. Nothing worse than your battery-driven electric toothbrush turning itself into a manual toothbrush when you are miles from a new battery. This slim and sleek toothbrush can be charged via a USB connection so there will always be power available.

This toothbrush is first class and is now my at-home toothbrush rather being reserved just for trips. It is in fact superior to my regular toothbrush. It represented, on first use, the difference between roller-skates and a Harley Davidson. The oscillating heads vibrated at such a rate that I could almost imagine picking up short-wave radio via my fillings. Great and convincing power.

The Colgate® ProClinical® electric toothbrush uses, so the manual says, two distinct sonic cleaning motions – up-down and side-to-side. Its sonic vibrations clean more powerfully, it seems, to remove plaque and surface stains. I have no idea about the technology but the results speak for themselves!

Other nice touches are the timers: 2-Minute Timer designed to turn off when you reach the dentist-recommended 2 minute brushing time. 30-Second Pacer pauses every half-minute to indicate when the user should move to another quadrant in the mouth. The small, neat head reaches teeth that other toothbrushes might not.

Pocket-Pro® by Colgate is a gem. It’s practical, well-designed and great to use. Buy it to travel with, but keep it to live with.

Learn more here

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Furoshiki Shoes – feet ahead


This is a product just made for me! Connections with Japan are writ large throughout this story but it has a happy ending. The shoes arrived, and they are made for active practicality and high fashion!

I was on a press trip to Okinawa, Japan. Unfortunately I had a non-sake related fall which resulted in a broken ankle. Yes, thank you for asking, I am recovering, but I still have a foot that changes size with use, weather, whim and cabin pressure. Life has been difficult from a podiatric perspective but the solution is here: Furoshiki shoes! So I can enjoy both comfort and style.

Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth. It is a deceptively simple piece of material which can be transformed with a few crafty folds into a multi-use and practical carrier for awkward-shaped articles, both large and small. Seventy-five years of experience is said to have gone into this unique and revolutionary Furoshiki shoe “wrapping sole” concept which draws inspiration from that ancient Japanese wrapping cloth.

In 1935, Vitale Bramani developed a sole capable of outstanding traction on a variety of surfaces. Using vulcanized rubber technology, he developed the Carrarmato design which remains one of the soles most used by mountain climbers. This Furoshiki shoe uses the same rubber, which is light and non-slip and gives the wearer the sense of walking barefoot! It’s quite liberating and feels rather naughty and bohemian!

The Furoshiki is an amazingly light shoe, although it fits like a second skin. The cloth element wraps the foot and attaches via Velcro at the back. They don’t rub, chafe or irritate and you don’t even have to have perfectly matching feet. They are soft and cosy and flexible, and the most important thing is, they look youthful and amazing.

The Furoshiki shoe is ideal for travellers. A pair folds down into the size of a modest sponge bag so just the job for the cabin on a short-haul flight. But many of my flights are long-haul and these shoes are indispensable. There is a tendency for feet to swell on long flights: these Furoshiki remain comfortable even on a 12-hour trip back to Japan!

However, these look like shoes for no-one but the most fashion conscious! They make even this less-than-sporty lady look like a probable Free Climber. They come in a selection of colours but all of them have the same high-quality sole for the best of grip. These are the perfect summer essential. I am impressed by both design and evident practicality.

To learn more visit Vibram here.

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Casemade - traditional quality for contemporary technology

Yes, there are a lot of phone cases out there. One can find them in shops, malls, markets and stalls across the land. I hear you can find them for as little as £1 but then there is that little voice of reason: ‘You get what you pay for’.

Isn’t it strange? We carry an expensive piece of technology with us and don’t consider it worth protecting, and if we do we perhaps don’t realise that one’s phone makes a statement about its owner. A pink plastic case with bunny ears is fine …in some circles.

Casemade have gained a reputation for quality at very affordable prices. The phone covers and sleeves are crafted from genuine Italian cowhide leather. There are few cases of such quality: they are cut from a sheet of actual leather by people who know what they are doing with a fine natural material. There is no substitute for the real thing.

The cases have a wonderful soft feel. It’s the nature of real leather to give the impression of timeless good taste. There are plenty of imposters on the high street that are totally synthetic but they look like leather. Some even feel a bit like leather, but they don’t endure like leather. Casemade’s phone cases will wear and look even better with time. They will last for the life of your phone and they will always be a credit to you. They look costly but are actually no pricier than some of those faux examples.
I am the proud owner of the brown iPhone wallet case. The inside of the case holds my iPhone which clips securely into the polycarbonate mould. Openings on the sides of the housing allow access to the controls and headphone jack and there is a cut-out for the camera lens. The case also acts as a regular wallet with three card slots and one slip-in pouch for holding credit cards, ID, etc.

Casemade believe in attention to detail and they put their name on their cases. The logo on the outside and the company name in full on the inside speak of pride in their products. The stitching is perfect and the faint smell of authentic leather is appealing. Each case is individually gift wrapped and swathed in classy black tissue paper before it is sent out to its new owner, making this an exceptional gift – if you can bear to give it away!

Learn more about Casemade here.

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Chloe bag by Mia Tui from QVC

Chloe bag from Mia Tui Well, here it is. A modern classic. The active woman’s accessible must-have: the Chloe bag from Mia Tui and it’s a clean-cut gem.

Mia Tui was founded by Charlotte Jamme in 2010. She had spent three years living in Vietnam and that’s where the Mia Tui range of bags was created. Mia Tui actually means ‘my bags’ in Vietnamese so a very appropriate name for a fashion sack which is liable to become a prized possession.

I have spent years searching for that practical bag. It needed to have a cavernous space – yes, they exist but are heavy even when empty. It needed to have compartments – OK they are around but not with several large pockets. It needed to look good – lots of beautiful bags around but the stylish ones are either too small, too heavy or not at all practical. Chloe bag from Mia Tui is as well-designed and crafted as bags twice its price.

Mia Tui works perfectly for me. I am a food, drink and travel writer and I don’t need to be juggling multiple bags while negotiating my way through a crowded airport. And then there is the nightmare which is the budget airline departure gate. I need to take my handbag out of my overhead luggage, my document case out of my handbag and then have the ‘friendly’ staff member bark “Go and stand behind me and put all that in your cabin bag or you ain’t flying.” Yes, dear reader, those words were actually spoken to me on a recent trip. Now I scoff at the possibility. I have my boarding card and passport in my hand and everything else safely tucked away in my single budget-airline-friendly Chloe bag from Mia Tui. In fact the bag comes with a small clutch bag that’s just right for travel documents, as as well as a clear plastic pouch for those little 100ml bottles of liquids and gels that need to be separated from the rest of your goods. It’s a sturdy little item with a real zip so you can use it as a bathroom/makeup bag when you are away. This has obviously all been designed by a traveller.

Chloe bag from Mia Tui My perfect bag needs to contain my essentials: phone, pens, glasses, diary, Kindle, iPad, purse, notebook, keys on an elastic cord, travel documents and Oyster card. So that’s what’s held in just those compartments around the edges of the bag. Oh, and yes, I forgot to mention the insulated water bottle holder. Everything is stowed away and easily found.

But then there is the still-empty body of the bag! That holds a bottle of wine for tasting notes, hard-back book for review and my rolled up light rain mac as it’s Spring and you never know. All that is now quite a weight but the straps are robust and there is never a hint of strain showing on the stitches.

I guess it’s the quality workmanship that allows such inappropriate use of such a fine bag. The company has initiated ‘work from home’ and ‘basic skill development’ programmes for all Mia Tui craftsmen. The bag comes in many colours so it’s easy to be coordinated as the seasons change. Bag dimensions: 35cm x 53cm x 15cm (13.7" x 20.8" x 5.9")

Learn more and buy from QVC here
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The Trtl Pillow – In-flight snuggle

The Trtl Pillow (pronounced ‘turtle’) has won me over. I have the ‘pleasure’ of flying long-haul very often and I am expected to hit the ground running at the other end. One might think a dozen or so hours of travel would afford plenty of time to sleep, or at least have a short doze, forty winks? Oh, if only that could be the case.

Trtl pillow In truth, I have tried numerous flight pillows. The very soft U-shaped ones don’t give support and one has the sensation that one’s ear is parallel to one’s shoulder, often leading to the user landing with a head stuck at a jaunty angle. The same design of pillow but stuffed with beads doesn’t seem much of an improvement and the ‘inflate by mouth’ variety offers all the comfort of a brick.

The Trtl Pillow is a totally new concept. It’s a fleece scarf with an internal neck support which is remarkably comfortable. One can truly relax into the device with no unnerving rolling of the head. The pillow can also be used as a chin support which is particularly handy when one is short of space, in the middle of a row with the guys on either side bagging the armrests.

One might assume a highly-designed wearable pillow would look weird but it wraps up to become nothing more than a chunky scarf. One could actually walk around the cabin wearing the Trtl without looking like you have a medical neck-brace. This just looks cosy and warm.

It folds neatly down to a small size that would fit easily into any travel bag. Granted, there is a technique for putting this on, but once that manoeuvre is mastered then it’s held in place with Velcro. I would, for the sake of offering a balanced review, wish to come up with some disadvantages – but I can’t. For this traveller it ticks all the boxes. It’s light, practical and well-designed. Yes, you can get low-price U pillows at almost every airport shop but they are expensive if they don’t actually work. The Trtl is more costly than those cheap alternatives but a very small percentage of the cost of your long and otherwise exhausting flight. Money well spent, I would say.

Visit Trtl here

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Scrubba Wash Bag

Make next year’s travel easier and greener with the Scrubba wash bag. Change travel for the better – give your intrepid companion, camping buddy or fellow festival-goer this ingenious travel gadget that can wash clothes in just a few minutes with ease.

Christmas gift ideas Launched in two new fresh green colours this autumn, and packaged in recycled  materials  to  promote its environmental credentials, the Scrubba wash bag requires a minimal amount of water and cleaning liquid, uses no electricity and helps avoid unnecessary pollution. The Scrubba wash bag continues to be a great way to save energy, to cut CO2 emissions and to enable users to ‘travel green’.

Though it might look like just a fancy bag, the simple yet innovative Scrubba wash bag is twice as effective as hand washing and on a par with the performance of a full washing-machine cycle (according to independent product testing).

Using an old-fashioned washboard as inspiration during his travels to Mount Kilimanjaro, inventor Ash Newland fused old and new technology by integrating a flexible, rubber-noduled washboard inside a high-tech watertight bag, complete with a slip-resistant backing. Newland says, “As clothes are rubbed along the washboard, the bumps create friction and water movement though the clothes, which assists in dislodging oils and dirt. You can easily wash up to three days of summer wear in one load, such as three T-shirts, three pairs of socks and three pairs of pants in five to six minutes,” he adds.

Buy a Scrubba wash bag from

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Cabin Max Stockholm – World’s Lightest Trolley Bag

These days we find ourselves with additional charges when we travel. There are charges for paying by card, for food, for drink and there were rumours that we might be charged £1 to spend a penny. There is also the spectre of payment for hold baggage, and if that case is overweight…gadget review

The Cabin Max range offers the Stockholm model which might avoid you having to pay for excess weight – or for hold luggage at all – and it would certainly maximise your cabin baggage capacity. At less than £30 this is a striking bargain that could save you time and money.

The Stockholm is advertised as the world’s lightest cabin trolley bag. It convincingly collapses for easy storage or for packing in your large suitcase in readiness for your return journey. The feet are detachable enabling the bag to be packed perfectly flat.

The Stockholm weighs a very manageable 1.45kg. It’s constructed from extremely durable honeycomb non-tear ripstop fabric. It has a 44-litre capacity and that’s as much as you would need for cabin luggage for a long-haul trip, and would likely constitute your sole bag for a weekend away.

The trolley bag features a telescopic handle as well as 2 outer zipped pockets plus an internal zipped pocket and packing straps. It measures 55 x 40 x 20 cm which is appropriate for your ‘favourite’ budget airline specification: the Stockholm is slightly under the allowed limit, giving you the opportunity to stuff the outside pockets.

The Cabin Max Stockholm is available from and costs £29.95

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Innergie PocketCell™

Gone are the days when one carried one’s life in a Filofax. It’s much more likely that now it’s an iPhone. The advantage that the old paper-based life-carrier had over the high-tech version is that a traditional diary didn’t have batteries, and therefore no worries of running out of power.

gadget review I have tried, over the past year or so, several rechargers suitable for an iPhone but the Innergie PocketCell™ has the edge. Perhaps ‘edge’ is not quite the right word – it’s more hand-friendly, pocket-appropriate, high-end-PC-partnering curves and colours. At very first glance it ticks the ‘design’ box, having none of the pins and protrusions of some other devices.

The Innergie PocketCell™ is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank that will recharge your iPhone or other USB-powered devices in a convincing fashion. It charges from a regular iPhone mains plug in the same way as one charges the phone. It can also be charged directly from a PC using the cable supplied, which has an Apple 30-pin connector plus micro- and mini-USB ports.

Innergie's PocketCell™ has two USB ports: one is a micro-USB for charging the battery and the other a full-size USB for charging your device from the battery.

It’s a small and very neat device that measures only 90x28x20mm and weighs 70g. It comes in its own box but it’s sized to fit a small spectacle case if you want to look like the thorough ready-for-anything professional; a fashionable purse would likely be the choice for us ladies who’d like the technology on-hand but want to avoid the ‘gadget nerd’ title.

The PocketCell™ arrives pre-charged, and with a 3000mAh capacity it can fully charge your iPhone from flat in less than a couple of hours. Its thoughtful shape and 70g weight make this practical and portable, and one of the most efficient rechargers I have come across.

Price: £79
For more information visit here

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Vango Tanker 110L Wheeled Holdall

We all travel and, if we are lucky, we travel a lot. All trips are not created equal and we need different luggage, or a combination of bags, to cover all needs.

A backpack works well for short trips but there are those times when something larger and more rugged is in order. The Vango Tanker 110L Wheeled Holdall is sturdy and manoeuvrable and is made from tough nylon and polyester ripstop material. I have owned holdalls of a similar size in the past and have found that the straps pull away from the sides. This woven material allows for strong attachment of straps and handles.

travel accessories There are top straps with a cushioned grip for comfort but the most inspired features are the grab straps at either end. These will help with hauling a heavily-filled bag off baggage carrousels and the like. The very fact that there are two of them is an asset, as a heavy holdall can then be lifted by two people. Lightweight fabric and construction make this a good option for flights with luggage weight restrictions.

No need to worry about the weight of the bag when moving around airports, etc. That’s where the chunky wheels come into their own; and there is an extendable handle for ease of pulling, making the Vango Tanker 110L Wheeled Holdall even more versatile that a medium-sized conventional wheely suitcase. This soft holdall has a solid bottom with ridges to keep the bag off the floor. There is extra protection on the wheel corners to avoid scuffs.

The interior will hold enough kit for a week for any right-thinking person. It has a zip opening that folds back for easy access. There is a zipped mesh compartment for storing small items needed in a hurry like ear-muffs (cold climate) or mosquito spray (the tropics). There are sizable compartments at either end that can be used for muddy hiking boots or wet swimming gear.


Capacity     100 litres
Dimensions     H:77 W:34 D:38cm
Weight     3.82kg


    Excel® 600D polyester ripstop body
    Excel® 1680D nylon base
    Zip access to main compartment
    Large zippered pockets on both ends
    Side zip pocket
    Internal mesh pocket under zip opening
    Low profile zip
    Top compression straps
    2-wheeled chassis with extendable handle
    Central grab handle
    Grab handles at both ends
    Rounded shaping

Visit Vango here

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What are EarPlanes?

travel accessories EarPlanes are soft, pressure-regulating earplugs designed to help reduce the discomfort associated with flying.

EarPlanes consist of two elements: a ribbed hypoallergenic blue silicone ear plug and a ceramic pressure regulator inside. The four ribs provide an airtight seal between the earplug and ear canal. The ceramic regulator has one end exposed to the cabin pressure, with the opposite end in the sealed earplug. As the cabin pressure changes, a pressure difference is created across the EarPlane. The earplug baffles that pressure.

The changes in cabin air pressure as an aircraft is descending can be too rapid for one’s ears to properly adjust. EarPlanes allow that pressure to balance slowly and can reduce discomfort.

EarPlanes are intended for people who suffer with ear pain during descent, or people who must fly with a cold, allergy or sinusitis. They also act as noise suppression ear plugs.

EarPlanes are available in the UK at Boots, Superdrug, Loyds and other chemists.  Look out for them at airports. They are available for adults and children, and are found in blue cardboard packaging which has full instructions. Inside there is a small plastic box for easy storage in hand luggage.

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38L Litehaul Pack from Kathmandu

travel accessories Luggage is big business these days. We are confronted with increasingly rigid weight and size restrictions for both carry-on and hold bags. Airlines find any excuse to charge more and there are even rumours that one might be required to pay to use the restroom/loo/bathroom. It pays to keep weight down to forestall such measures. Yes, we will endeavour to be subservient and compliant passengers of airlines that do us the favour of carrying us.

A light bag is essential but it also needs to be one that’s easily carried, and that for me at least is often a backpack. I travel thousands of miles every year as a food and travel writer. Yes, it probably is the best job in the world but it does have its inconveniences. Waiting for a bag at Heathrow for an hour and a half gave me time to ponder the wisdom of only taking hand baggage in future.

travel accesories The 38L Litehaul pack from Kathmandu has been a revelation. Didn’t think there was a backpack made that would fit my specific needs but this one does. I want a backpack as I find it’s a more comfortable way of carrying a moderately heavy weight, and I always like to have my hands free without the need to put the bag down.

The facility that has been missing with other backpacks is the ability to morph into a rather smart shoulder bag. This is an asset when arriving at high-end hotels, where the staff tend to take a dim view of anyone looking like they might require directions to the nearest camp site. The Litehaul in shoulder-bag form looks slim and sporty and will have a warm welcome at any hotel, and particularly those with a tennis court or gym.

The pack has a front zip opening giving access to the main internal space with its integral zipped mesh compartment. There is a small zipped pocket on top of the bag for keys, phone and the like. There is another pocket for larger items on the front of the bag and then a further padded compartment designed to accommodate a 15” laptop. At last! The days of wrapping my computer in my PJ's are past.

travel accesories The back straps are hidden away behind a zippable flap when not in use. The hip belt detaches to become a shoulder strap when it’s in shoulder-bag mode. The unique design keeps the bag looking neat with no trailing webbing when straps are packed away.


    External access 15" padded laptop sleeve
    Lockable main compartment
    Dual-purpose hip belt/shoulder strap
    Zip-away harness
    Bottle pocket
    2 further organiser pockets
    Fabric 840D Ballistic Nylon, 420D Nylon Check, Polyester lining

Approximate Measurements:

    Height 55cm x Width 31cm x Depth 23cm
    Weight 1.44kg

The 38L Litehaul pack from Kathmandu is multi-faceted, practical, attractive and high-spec. It’s not the cheapest option but it represents excellent value for money.

Have a look at other Kathmandu products here

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Carlton Dune Case

travel accessories This case is impressive. It looks high-end and designery and indeed it is. Its sleek shiny grey form speaks of trips to New York or Mumbai ...or even Glasgow. This case will never look battered and bruised, and apart from looking trendy it really is practical.

Carlton is a London company that has three elements that it considers when producing its ranges of luggage – Quality, Function, Design. Every piece of Carlton luggage is tested rigorously to ensure absolute quality. The Carlton Dune case has a five-year guarantee.

The interior has a grey lining with not only the expected elastic webbing but also a mesh compartment and zip pouch. It’s easy to keep clean clothes and grubby washing separate, and you won’t find the heavier items working their way to the bottom of the case as you glide around.

Carlton make their luggage lighter than most, more mobile, with the latest security locks, but for me it’s the wheels that sell the case. Its ‘TouchNGo’ 4-wheel system makes wheeling even the largest case smooth and easy. The design avoids that dragging and tipping of other cases – it’s simple
to push along by one’s side.
travel accessories

Dune Specification

• The unique wavy-ribbed design enhances the case’s strength while keeping the case extremely lightweight and durable.

• Nanolite design – An assurance of lightweight materials, components and construction

• Its body is made from 100% polycarbonate; high impact resistant, yet extremely lightweight

• Corrugated shell structure for shell rigidity and protection while being extremely light

• Innovative vertical trolley system provides both durability and style

• Distinctive matt finish in Champagne and Graphite

• Equipped with USA security-proof TSA locks

• ‘TouchNGo’ 4-wheel version, lightweight patented wheels for excellent rolling comfort

• 5-year warranty

Visit Carlton here
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Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800 mAh

Most of us are slaves, very willing ones, to our mobile technology. We rely on our small gadgets for business and leisure and that’s not a problem when we are at home, in the office or near a handy power point.

If we go on holiday we want to remain in contact with friends and family; and if we are away for work we need to check emails and make calls, and we might not find ourselves in the way of instant power.

travel accsessories Duracell have a range of chargers and this one is ideal for most business and social use. The powered charger can give up to 5 hours extra talk time on most smartphones and that will probably be enough to get most of us out of a potential communication bind.

This is the most powerful Portable Charger from Duracell and allows you easily to charge a variety of USB-powered devices with its two USB output slots. You just recharge it from a regular wall socket when you have access, which takes 4 or 5 hours till all the lights shine green to say it’s ready to go.

The Portable Charger works with a wide range of handheld devices and other gadgets with mini/micro USB ports. Connect your USB-powered device to the Portable Charger with the mini/micro USB cable or tip included, or with the cable that came with your gadget. This Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800 mAh also works with other USB-charged devices such as portable music players, Ereader, Amazon Kindle and Bluetooth Earpiece.

This charger should be at the top of any parent’s list of gifts for the younger members of the family. There will be no excuse for not calling home “cos me battery was dead.” Just ensure they have a primed charger in their expansive designer backpack and those worries, at least, will be a thing of the past.

This is a simple, reliable and speedy charging and recharging gadget, and a worthwhile buy.

Compatible with iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Ereader, Amazon Kindle, and most MP3 players, mobile phones and Smartphones.

• Charges 2 USB devices at a time

• Smart Battery fuel gauge

• Automatically stops charging the charger when fully recharged

• Comes pre-charged ready to use

• Includes micro and mini USB cables

• Supplied with UK & EU mains wall plugs

• Warranty: 1 year

• Input power: 230V AC, UK and European plugs supplied

• Capacity: 1800 mAh

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Bodum Travel Mug

london restaurant review It’s become part of the city lifestyle. We sit on sweltering buses and trains in the heat of summer and sip water. There are posters telling us to do just that, but a bottle of blood temperature H2O isn’t appealing.

Winter is with us for, it seems, a good eight months of the year and then we want to take a hot drink along. Many of us don’t have time for a proper breakfast so we grab a drink on the way to the office, but that cost mounts up to a conservative estimate of a tenner per week. london restaurant review

So how about taking a drink from home? One could make a drink the night before and keep it in the fridge overnight for a refreshing cool beverage on hot sticky mornings. Or boil the kettle while putting on mascara and you’ll be ready with a cuppa in moments.

Yes, the theory is sound but there are practicalities to consider: your icy cold or steaming hot drink will likely be just tepid by the time you sink onto a seat (if you are lucky) on the Piccadilly Line – unless, of course, you have a travel mug that actually works.

I have learnt to my cost that all mugs are not created equal. Lots of the stylish ones available look quite similar: bright metal and a grip or handle, a cap for closing. But in addition to those features Bodum offers a travel mug that does have outstanding thermal properties – hot liquids do indeed stay hot for the duration of a long commute; cold drinks will still be chilly when you reach the office. It is without a doubt the best product of its kind that I have tried to date.

The new Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug Collection: The mugs are absolutely spill-proof once the opening is closed all the way. The flow of fluids can be adjusted with an easy turn of the screw within the lid. The Travel Mugs are made from stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone.
Caution: Please do always keep the mug upright.

The mug I tested was the 0.45 l, 15 fl.oz, size, diameter: 88 mm, height: 210 mm.

Visit Bodum here

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