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It’s all about travel and food - lots of international excursions, culture and history, hotel, destination and restaurant reviews.
Please look elsewhere for negative reviews.
All restaurant, hotel and product reviews are sponsored; however, the resulting articles are unbiased and the opinions expressed are my own.

To enquire about a review of your restaurant, hotel, resort, book or product please email mostlyfood[at]


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Abinger Cookery School
Accent Press (pub.)
Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler
Stacy Adimando
Ferran Adria
Alistair Aird and Fiona Stapley
Jackie Alpers
Hossein Amirsadeghi, Ana Paula Gerard
Anjum Anand
Geoff Andrews
Pepita Aris
Matt Armendariz
Ina'am Atalla
Lisa Atwood
Christine Austin
Australian Women’s Weekly
Zak Avery
Charlie Ayers
Miche Bacher
Christine Bailey
Gurpareet Bains
Madge Baird
Mridula Baljekar et al
Mukulika Banerjee, Daniel Miller
Chitrita Banerji
Carla Bardi
Lisa Barnes
Teresa Barrenechea
Glenda Rosales Barretto et al
Limpet Barron, David Hughes and Sarah Charles
Rosemary Barron
Paula Bartimeus
Ghillie Basan
Ghillie Basan and Vilma Laus
Fiona Beckett
Kim Knox Beckius
Amy-Jane Beer and Roy Halpin
Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum
Jeroen van Bergeijk
Richard Bertinet
Tina Bester
Rinku Bhattacharya
Monica Bhide
Ravinder Bhogal
Mark Bittman
Galton Blackiston
Louise Blaire
Susannah Blake
Victoria Blashford-Snell
Chefs of Blue Elephant
Siân Blunos
Sonja Bock and Tina Scheftelowitz
Sonja Bock and Tina Scheftelowitz
Isabel Bocking, Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt and Moritz Stipsiez
Martin Boetz
Angela Boggiano
Shirley Bond
Shirley Booth
Boston Common Press (pub.)
Caroline Brewester
Helen Brierty and Annette Fear
H M van den Brink
Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
Aiden Byrne
Bruce Byron
Fiona Cairns
Martin Calder
George Calombaris
Antonio Carluccio
David Chang and Peter Meehan
Max Clark and Susan Spaull
Oz Clarke and Margaret Rand
Janet Clarkson
Fergal Connolly
Sean Connolly
Terence Conran, Simon Hopkinson, Matthew Harris
Gennaro Contaldo
Anna Del Conte and Thomas Læssøe
Giuseppe Coria, Translated by: Gaetano Cipolla
Margaret Costa
Cynthia Cousins and Karen King
Jeff Cox and Marie-Pierre Moine
Mitchell Crites and Amita Nanji
Dorothy Culloty
Paul Cunningham
Arthur Cunynghame
Stephanie Evans, Andrew Franks, Susanna Tee
David Eyre and The Eagle chefs
Lucio Galletto and David Dale
Daniel Galmiche
John Gauntner
Francis Gimblett
James Ginzler, Paul Shovlin and Loz Talent
Julie Goodwin
Viola Goren
Huw Gott, Will Beckett and Richard Turner
Azmina Govindji and Sanjeev Kapoor
Nicola Graimes
Bill Granger
Andy Gravette and Debbie Cook
Deborah Gray
Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming
John Gregory-Smith
Eric Grossman
Peter and Colleen Grove
Richard Guest
Lulu Gwynne (‘Betty Blythe’)
Tim Halket
Sarah al-Hamad
Hamlyn (pub.)
Leslie Hammond and Lynne Marie Rominger
David Hampshire and Graeme Chesters
Juliet Harbutt
Andy Harris
Dorothy Hartley
Michael Harwood
Annie Hawes
Giuliano Hazan
Carol Helstosky
Diana Henry
Pierre Hermé
Trish Hilferty and Tom Norrington-Davies
Ciril Hitz
Cara Hobday and Jo Dendury
Patrick Holford and Fiona McDonald Joyce
Carlos Horrillo and Patrick Morcas
Deh-ta Hsiung
Natasha Hughes and Patricia Langton
Alisa Huntsman, Peter Wynne
Arturo Iengo
Nur Ilkin and Sheilah Kaufman
Mourad Lahlou
Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth
Rachel Lane and Carla Bardi
Rachel Lane and Ting Morris
Rachel Lane, Ting Morris, and Carla Bardi
Annabel Langbein
Charles Langley
Laurence and Gilles Laurendon
Sue Lawrence
Jane Lawson
Rachel Lee
David Leffman, Simon Lewis
Vickie Liley
Leila Lindholm
Jenny Linford
Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl
Vivien Lloyd
Frank Lloyd Wright
Laura Lockington
Simon Loftus
Lonely Planet (pub.)
Elaine Louie
Bee Yinn Low
Medlar Lucan, Durian Gray
Ger Luijten and Peter Schatborn
Marianne Lumb
Janet MacDonald
James Mackenzie
Charles Maclean
Deborah Madison
Neven Maguire
Tess Mallos
Rosamond Man and Robin Weir
Christine Manfield
Bulbul Mankani
Domenica Marchetti
Marco Polo (pub.)
Margo Marrone
Ginette Mathiot
Richard Mayson
Claire McAvoy
John McGuffin
Paula McIntyre
Jennifer McLagan
Keith McNally, Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson
Clova McQueen
Charles Metcalfe and Kathryn McWhirter
Michael Joseph – Penguin (pub.)
Sophie Michell
Ministry of Food with a foreword by Jill Norman
Mehernosh Mody, Sherin Mody and John Hellon
Marie-Pierre Moine and Gui Gedda
Belinda Morse
Hassan M'souli
Roberta Muir
Orlando Murrin
Erin and Tatum Quon
Helen Saberi and David Burnett
Maria del Mar Sacasa
St. Theresa’s College Manila Foundation
Yukari Sakamoto
Debra Samuels
Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton
George and Cecilia Scurfield
Niki Segnit
Valentina Sforza
Andrew Garrison Shotts
Rosemary Shrager
Peter Sidwell
Mary Taylor Simeti
Geetie Singh
Vivek Singh and Iqbal Wahhab
Charmaine Solomon
Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume
Sam Stern
Christopher Stocks
Mona Talbott and Mirella Misenti
Milli Taylor
Alison Thompson
Antony Worrall Thompson
Antony Worrall Thompson and Paul Rankin
David Thompson
Cyrus Todiwala
Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat
Trieu Thi Choi and Marcel Isaak
Ruth Van Waerebeek
Louise Walker
Gregg Wallace
Fran Warde
Alice Waters
John Weatherspoon
Katherine Whitehorn
Claude Wiatrowski
Wild at Heart
Bryn Williams and Kay Plunkett-Hogge
Ellen Williams and Steve Radlauer
Carol Wilson and Christopher Trotter
Mitzie Wilson
Kalim Winata, Reed Darmon
James Winter and James Bulmer
Michael Karl Witzel
James Wong
Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott
Sophie Wright
Wyvern (A.R. Kenney-Herbert)
Beata Zatorska
Aldo Zilli