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111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn’t Miss

111 gardens This is the must-have book of the year for anyone interested in gardens. That doesn’t have to be an interest in the activity of gardening: it’s a book for anyone who takes pleasure in just spending time in beautiful open spaces.

London has a proud history in making and preserving public gardens and parks. They are the lungs of the city and are used by visitors looking for a moment of tranquillity, a quiet spot for enjoying a lunchtime sandwich, and sometimes by sporty types, too.

Londoners will likely be familiar with public gardens and parks in their own neighbourhoods but 111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn’t Miss covers the whole of Greater London. There are the huge and celebrated gardens such as Kew but there are many more that will be less well-known. I am a West-Londoner but I have never visited Osterley Park. It’s not far away and the house is surrounded by 331 acres of gardens, park and farmland! Would seem difficult to miss!

But these gardens are not just to be found in the suburbs. Gardens are part of our history and they are themselves historic. Lincoln’s Inn Fields is now a calm idyll, but it wasn’t always like that. This was where public executions were held, and where muggings were a popular pastime!

There are 111 gardens listed and all of them are worth a visit. They each have their unique character and attractions, and it seems that one is never far from a park or garden in London. It’s a must for any visitor to the city who wants to tread the path less trodden by other tourists. There are flowers, trees, ponds, lakes, architecture and sculpture all to be discovered, away from the buzz of traffic. 

111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn’t Miss is a well researched and charmingly written book and one which this gardener is really appreciating.

111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn’t Miss
Author: Kirstin von Glasow
Published by: Emons Verlag GmbH
ISBN-10: 374080143-3
ISBN-13: 978-374080143-4

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